WATCH: Kagame Cracks Jokes with ChimpReports

Kagame addressing the media in Kigali on December 16

On December 16, stomach President Paul Kagame gently walked into the press conference room at the glamorous Kigali Convention Centre.

He addressed several questions from the journalists who had waited for about an hour after the two-day National Dialogue known as Umushyikirano.

Kagame is a known social media enthusiast.

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During his free time, cheap Kagame takes always checks out social media platforms especially Twitter.

He is passionate when it comes to defending Rwanda’s interests.

On his Twitter handle, one will see Kagame engaging people from all walks of life including his family members.

When ChimpReports was asked to file its question, Kagame quickly recalled the website’s vibrancy.

“So it’s based in Uganda?” said a smiling Kagame.

“I always see something like that on Twitter,” he added, as journalists enjoyed the president’s sense of humour.

“Do you get some reports from Chimps…also out there in the field?” inquired Kagame in reference to the website’s name.

A Chimp Corp answered: “It’s just a name, your Excellency.”

Kagame expressed satisfaction that the prominent news-breaking website, which boasts a readership of one million people, was doing a good job.

“There is a way you communicate with them as well…,” he added as he punched the air.

The website this year celebrates its 5th anniversary, marking half a decade of excellent investigative reporting.


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