‘Walk to Work Protests Returning To the Streets’ – Intel

Opposition leaders have canceled a meeting with the Parliamentary Committee of legal Affairs, order where they were scheduled to make presentations on the Constitutional (Amendment), cialis 40mg Bill 2015.

The opposition leaders cancelled the meeting after police blocked two of their colleagues Col Kizza Besigye and Erias Lukwago from attending.

Police as early as 6 am this morning surrounded the duo’s houses in Kasangati and Wakaliga, salve blocking them from leaving. It claimed these two were plotting to cause unrest in down town Kampala.

The Leader of Opposition Hon Wafula Oguttu said as opposition leaders, they could not go ahead with the presentation when their colleagues could not.

“We have effectively called off the exercise until such a time when it will be prudent to government that our leaders are free to exercise their rights and duties freely,” said Oguttu.

“Importantly though, it is the institution of Parliament, the Second Arm of Government which invited these leaders to come and make the said presentations. They were to be guests to Parliament. Blocking them therefore is utterly ridiculous.”

“This operation of government is cowardly and unnecessary. It amounts to the suppression of the views of Ugandans because the leaders who are being blocked moved across the country to collect and synthesize views of Ugandans of all walks of life to come up with those proposals.”

The opposition leaders are strongly opposed to government’s recently tabled amendments which they insist don’t capture the fundamentals that would guarantee a free and fair 2016 election.

But according to the NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba and leader of Government business Hon Primer Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, the only chance that these opposition leaders who are dissatisfied with government’s proposed amendments have, is  to take their own proposals to the committee for consideration now.

The leaders now hold that government is poised to overlook the popular demand for electoral reforms, as the countdown shrinks to the February 2016 general elections.

The electoral commission has already vowed to go ahead and organize the election, with or without the amendments. It says these reforms if any, should have been finalized and signed by August this year, to be implemented in the coming elections.

Mr Oguttu claims that the Constitutional (Amendment), Bill 2015 which government presented before Parliament was originally a very rich document but on reaching his desk, President Museveni conveniently tore it into pieces to remain with what reached Parliament.

“We are therefore aware that the reforms we are pushing are not going to be received by Mr. Museveni warmly. His NRM voting machines in Parliament will certainly purge it the way the emperor will instruct,” he noted,

“But make no mistake; it’s not going to be business as usual. This is going to be a whole new cup of tea. When the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs finally tables its report before the House, debate will not only be in the House but all around it and beyond. Let the country brace up for a whole new form of debate in Parliament.”

“The forth coming elections will be conducted only after us agreeing on these fundamental reforms necessary for Free and Fair Elections,” added Oguttu.
The opposition are fine-tuning plans for serious action on the streets of Kampala to arm-twist government over the reforms in the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015 which they believe the State has hijacked from the populace.

According to reliable sources who spoke to this investigative website, remedy the Opposition has internally concluded that the ruling National Resistance Movement, nurse is unlikely to relent while fighting against the new reforms in the country’s electoral laws.

Sources say they have now given up on channeling the reforms through sole remaining gap, which is the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs that is currently scrutinizing the bill and meeting different stakeholders.

They now want to dillydally and wait for the best time to launch their actions that will be very difficult for government to contain.

The NRM recently fronted all its top guns to face the opposition in the Committee that is handling the contentious bill. The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa named the Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba, Treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko among others to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.

The Secret Opposition Plans

The opposition has designed two strategies to face the government and put their important points across.

The first plan is to wait for the Parliament to resume and move numerous motions to move several private members bills on the electoral reforms which will not only be presented as the aspirations of the opposition but for the whole country from the local grass root Ugandans to the urban population.

“There are plans by the opposition to introduce numerous private members bill to counter the already tabled government`s proposals in the Constitutional reforms. They knew they wouldn’t make it thought the Committee,” an intelligence source told us.

A deep dig into the now labeled Secret plans of the opposition by this reporter, indicates that a minimum of five Private Members Bill were concluded on Friday last night and only wait to be  apportioned to specific members.

One of the Opposition`s ‘strategic point of operation” has been Rivonia Suites Hotel in Mbuya just about 600 meters from the Ministry of Defense headquarters.

All plans according to intelligence sources were hatched and developed from the same hotel among other points not named.

Aware that NRM still has significant numbers on the floor of Parliament than them, the opposition has crafted careful tactics to win over.

The second plan is the Walk-to-Work style mass demonstration across the country to tell the public how the executive has decided to construe everyone in the nation and only decided to come out with their own proposals in the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015.

Antigovernment messages mainly on corruption shall also be communicated during the rallies to the public. Posters pinning government officials including President Yoweri Museveni, former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi and other government officials against their purported “looted” government funds are already printed in thousands according to the same sources.

The opposition is determined to make sure the current Electoral Commission which they believe is partisan, is disbanded and the entire electoral processes changed.

The proposals by the government to change the name, appointment of Commission members and the formation of a tribunal are insignificant to the opposition and they are not ready to buy the idea.

On Tuesday, the FDC founder leader, Dr. Kiza Besigye and other opposition leaders were blocked from accessing town and to Parliament where he was supposed to be part of the team expected by the Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

The FDC Women`s League leader, Ingrid Turinawe was reportedly arrested from the gate of Parliament.


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