Wakiso Hospital Incident was Just the Beginning – Public Service Warns

Hon Muluuri Mukasa

The Minister for Public Service Hon Muluri Mukasa has Wednesday warned ministry workers and other public servants around the country to always observe ethics and avoid indolence while doing their work.

The Minister reminded these that the recent incident in which President Yoweri Museveni made a blanket transfer of workers at a hospital in Wakiso district was an eye opener.

Mukasa was today speaking at the Ministry’s retreat at Royal Suits in Bugolobi, patient http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-admin/includes/template.php from where he warned that the Ministry will now working on the President’s instructions to ensure that public servants who are not performing are punished.

“This term is called hakuna muchezo which is Swahili for “no playing around, healing http://couponadventures.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-wp-super-cache.php ” he said.

The government and the ministry he said will continue to ask civil servants to remain ethical, online professional, loyal, well behaved while serving the citizens.

The retreat was the first of the financial year, and was aimed at giving public servants time off work to re evaluate themselves and aspire to do better.

Hon Mukasa also told servants to remain focused the country’s Vision of transforming the country into a middle income status by the year 2020.

He highlighted among some of the challenges that have to be tackled head on as youth unemployment.

“Public servants were also advised to be patriotic like the in military and to be able to work in all conditions at all time.


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