Voting for NRM PWD’s Representative Concludes in Mbarara

Kabuza Jolly will be representing PWD's.

UNICEF and The Philips Foundation together with Concern Worldwide, try Maker and Gearbox on Thursday launched the Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project, website like this to help save lives and improve the health of pregnant women and children in Kenya.

Under the leadership of the Government of Kenya and the Project’s Steering Committee at the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and The Philips Foundation will facilitate the development of innovative health technology and solutions in the field of maternal, newborn and child health.

This cooperation according to UNICEF willl help catalyse novel health interventions for the benefit of the most vulnerable mothers and children, and contribute to reducing the number of deaths of pregnant women and their newborn babies.

This investment is in keeping with the Government of Kenya’s commitment to investing in innovative, home-grown solutions for maternal and newborn health care.

Reports show that in developing countries such as Kenya, maternal, newborn and child mortality rates remain unacceptably high.

Kenya has reduced under-five child deaths per 1,000 lives from 90 in 2003 to 52 in 2014, but this still falls short of the Millennium Development Goal 4 target of 33 by the end of 2015.

Furthermore, Neonatal mortality is also too high at 22 deaths per 1,000 live births.

By 2018, UNICEF and The Philips Foundation, together with partner organizations and local innovation hubs with guidance from the Government of Kenya, aim to develop and scale up innovative, low-cost and locally designed health care devices.

These will contribute to improved and more equitable access to life-saving quality care for women and children across Kenya.

“For 1 million babies worldwide every year, their day of birth is also their day of death,” Sharad Sapra, Director of the UNICEF Global Innovation Center said.

“But with strengthened health systems and innovative solutions for both mothers and children, the chance for survival is greatly increased,” he added.

The Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project is financed by The Philips Foundation and uses the local expertise of Philips Research Africa in Nairobi to mentor social entrepreneurs and facilitate the transfer of health care technology know-how in Kenya.

“At The Philips Foundation, it is our belief that programs that combine innovation, partnerships and empowering people will make a lasting and meaningful difference in communities,” said Katy Hartley, Head of The Philips Foundation.

“In the case of the Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project, we are doing just that, as Royal Philips can offer expertise and support from its Philips Research Africa, together with UNICEF and our implementation partners, to enable social entrepreneurs to improve health outcomes for their own communities,” she added.

The project was launched ahead of the September 25-27 United Nations Summit for the Adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, where UNICEF is promoting greater involvement of the private sector in improving children’s lives.
The voting for a representative for People with Disabilities (PWD’s) in Mbarara was concluded on Wednesday following its extension after one of the candidates petitioned the Electoral Commission.

Juliet Kyomuhangi, erectile a candidate who wanted to represent PWD’s under the NRM Flag had earlier on appealed to the Electoral Commission after the registrar announced her opponent Jolly Kabuza as unopposed.

Out of 95 PWDs who voted, prescription Jolly Kabuze won with 47 votes while her opponent got 41.

A number of PWD's turned up to vote for a representative.

A number of PWD’s turned up to vote for a representative.

Speaking to ChimpReports, pilule Kyomuhangi said the elections had been carried out fairly.

“I was ready to join opposition if the Electoral Committee had not heard my petition.I am now contented with the voting and will cooperate with Kabuze to strengthen the NRM party,” she said.

Kabuze, the incumbent flag bearer thanked the voters for supporting her and entrusting her to represent them at the district level.

The District registrar, William Bamwebaze thanked the candidates for mobilizing their supporters to come and reelect their appropriate candidates.


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