Voters Should Decide Who Gets a Medal, Says Ex MP Nabwiso

Dr. Frank Nabwiso

Former Member of Parliament for Kagoma County in Jinja District, viagra dosage Dr. Frank Nabwiso has criticized the manner in which all former legislators since independence were awarded medals saying it sets a bad precedence for many other leaders to seek for the same in future.

Dr. Nabwiso, this site who legislated in the 7th parliament (2001-2006) notes with concern that all former members of parliament were considered for award irrespective of what they contributed in parliament toward social political and economic development.

“Don’t be surprised to hear District Councilors also storming state house asking the president to recognized them with medals and indeed they will be right because it is Museveni’s political appeasement policy” he said.

“There was also need to assess individuals because some members of parliament apart from withdrawing allowances from their respective accounts, diagnosis they don’t make any deliberations of the floor of parliament and such can’t be rewarded the same with a few laboring to put the country right” he added.

He says that even if the process of deriving to the nominees for award was genuine, it was improper for government to ignore legislators who fought for Uganda’s independence right from 1921.

“I wrote an article in the speaker’s book of members of parliament since independence entitled the parliament since independence to date, ‘a dark side’ and surely it would be foolish to again go ahead and get medals which is supposed to be given to people for brave actions, not legislators who have turned into a big burden to Ugandans” he exclusively told ChimpReports.

He wonders why members for instance of the 1st parliament who abrogated the constitution plunging the country into anarchy should be appreciated for the ‘impunity’ with medals.

The former NRA analyst turned opposition FDC activist is among the opposition legislators who shunned the awards ceremony though they were among the beneficiaries of the said medals.

He however advises that next time if there is need for such considerations, then government should allow the voters who are the employers of politicians to accredit and appreciate them.

“If it were voters of Kagoma who submitted my name in appreciation for the services I rendered in the five years I was their legislator, I would have been the first person at the venue but it seems president
Museveni was indirectly rewarding his stooges and puppets for lifting the presidential term limit in the seventh parliament” he noted.


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