Volleyball Cranes Set for Zone V Tournament

Ugandan stars will head to Rwanda for the qualification challenge

Protests against Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term bid entered the third day on Tuesday with security forces using teargas and live bullets to disperse crowds.

The biggest battle is being reported in Nyakabiga, cure a high populated area in the capital Bujumbura.

“Shops have been shut down. Police are using heavy teargas trucks to patrol streets. As early as 8:00am, side effects the youth had already started mobilising and setting bonfires in the middle of the roads, store ” reports ChimpCorp Claver Ndushabandi from Bujumbura.

He said protesters are hurling stones at police before disappearing in alleys as streets battles gain momentum.

Security presence in Bujumbura remains high with armed forces protecting protesters and opposition supporters from the ruling party’s militia known as Imbonerakure.

Officials said the club-wielding Imbonerakure yesterday afternoon gathered at Kamenge and Ngagara with the view of storming Ward 6 where most protesters had camped.

“It was going to be bloody. Both sides had charged for the battle only for the army to step in to separate the two antagonistic camps with barricades and military trucks,” said Ndushabandi.

Police boss André Ndayambaje told journalists that at least 157 people have been arrested in connection with the violence in the capital.

“The suspects are being treated well in detention centres at Municipal Police Station and the Special Branch,” said Ndayambaje.

He also dismissed as untrue reports that Rwanda genocidal group FDLR had crossed from DRC to join the deadly Imbonerakure militia to attack Tusti families.

He appealed for calm and restraint, insisting violence does not take Burundi a step forward.

The Government’s Ombudsman Mohamed Rukara has promised that detained protesters would be screened before any trials.

Most of the suspects were picked from 9th Avenue Nyakabiga II area where police fought protesters in deadly battles.

The youthful rioters erected barricades with huge stones and set alight old furniture at 9th Avenue before taking on police in hide and seek games.

Nkurunziza was nominated on Saturday by his party CNDD-FDD to run in this year’s elections despite the fact that he had served the two mandatory terms as president.

The President’s supporters say he is eligible for another term in office through adult suffrage since the first one was by Parliament’s appointment.

Nkurunziza’s third term quest has sparked international outrage, with eminent leaders asking him to respect the spirit of the Arusha Accords that restrict presidential term limits to only two.

The European Union said in a statement that it calls on Nkurunziza to address this issue in a spirit of reconciliation in the country’s interest and for a friendly solution of the Arusha Accords.

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission, reiterated his call of March 27 in Burundi, saying “all stakeholders must respect the Arusha agreement, the Constitution and the Electoral Law.”

“I urge authorities in Burundi to exercise highest restraints and protect the population in reaction to the third-term candidacy announcement,” said Nkosazana.

“Political actors must use appropriate channels to seek redress in grievances, including disputes on elections. Violence begets violence.”
The national men’s volleyball team is expected to leave the country on Thursday 30th April for Rwanda where they will take part in the Confederation of Africa Volleyball Zone V games.

The winner of the four-day tournament will earn a ticket to the All African Games that will be held in Congo Brazzaville in September.

The event comes just a week after the women’s qualifiers held in Uganda where the Lady Volleyball Cranes emerged with only a single win out of four games.

The Cranes are lined up to face off with giants, rx Kenya, cheapest Burundi and Rwanda for the qualification spot.

Team coach Nason Bwesigye expressed confidence in the team.

Speaking after a training match at Lugogo, find the coach emphasized the need to focus.

“We are getting there. From now on, we need to focus on getting the job done.”

The volleyball Cranes thrashed a select side by six sets out of the seven they played.

The 14 man team in camp will be reduced to the required twelve on Wednesday after another friendly with another select side before they depart on Wednesday.


All teams are expected at the event on Monday before the technical meeting.

Then Uganda will play against hosts in the opening game on Friday before facing Kenya and Burundi on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

1st May: Arrival and Technical meeting

2nd May:

4:00 Pm – Kenya vs. Burundi

6:00 Pm – Uganda vs. Rwanda

3rd May

4:00 Pm  – Kenya vs. Uganda

6:00 Pm – Burundi vs. Rwanda

4th May

4:00 Pm – Uganda vs. Burundi

6:00 Pm – Kenya vs. Rwanda

The team in camp;

Kathbert Malinga, Saviour Atama, Dickens Otim(C), Emma Kato, Ivan Ongom, Emma Elanyu, Martin Kalema, Daudi Okello, Albert Gayi, George Aporu, Smith Okumu, Sammy Kagai and Nicholas Dheyongera.


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