Vivo Energy Calls for Observance of Workers Safety

Vivo Energy’s Harriet Kasekende giving safety tips to boda boda cyclists during the  Vivo Energy team challenge.

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, viagra sale prostate Gen David Sejusa’s political organisation, for sale Platform to Rescue Uganda, has distanced itself from the new opposition coalition, saying the alliance’s objectives are not clear.

“On specifics, PRU/FU will not go into any alliance whose objectives are not clear. We stand for resolutely resisting Museveni until he is defeated,” said Sejusa in a media statement issued on Thursday.

The Democratic Alliance was formed yesterday to unite political, religious and civil society groups to work together through fielding joint candidates in the 2016 elections to remove the NRM government from power.

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They will also work collectively to realise free and fair elections.

However, the NRA historical, who has since waged a campaign to topple Museveni before the 2016 polls, said “PRU/FU will not participate in an election organised by Museveni.”

Sejusa emphasised that “PRU/FU shall not boycott the election but shall not allow it to take place if the process contravenes the provisions of our constitution.”

This has raised fears that hopes of uniting all opposition forces in Uganda against Museveni in 2016 remain distant.

FDC President Maj Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu recently refused to cooperate with Sejusa, saying he must first retire from the army as soldiers are not allowed to participate in partisan politics.

In his statement today, Sejusa said “any alliance will have to fulfil our aspirations for us to be party. It’s not that the opposition can’t win. They can win but they can’t get power from Museveni. After all, Dr Besigye won in 2006 but never took power.”

Sejusa said his organisation shall not attack the alliance “but we shall explain to our people the reality on the ground.”

He pointed out that the alliance believe they have no capacity to disrupt the election thus going in when they expect a loss and hope to use the anger of the people to confront the ruling government after the rigging.

The controversial General also stressed that the opposition alliance’s plan to resist “after the rigging is wrong for three main reasons; it is dishonest; it confuses the population; it removes the emphasis from building capacity to resist the dictatorship to electioneering; and it divides the opposition forces because the government in power shall allow some to win and rig at the very top and enough NRM seats to ensure his dominance. The rest he shall allow opposition to take.”

Sejusa said this has a “big danger of dividing us so that those who have ‘won’ defend their turf. As we go on we shall assess other serious implications.”

However, JEEMA President Asuman Basalirwa yesterday assured that the alliance would fight tooth and nail to ensure free and fair elections.
Shell product distributors Vivo Energy yesterday held its annual Safety Day, medical under the theme “Safety Leadership starts here”.

Vivo Energy’s officials stressed that the company’s commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest international Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards is at the heart of its business.

In 2014 the company delivered industry leading safety performance with a TRCF (total recordable case frequency) of 0.24 and an LTIF (lost time injury frequency) of 0.19.

Commenting on Safety Day James Ngethi, Head of HSSE, Vivo Energy said: “Safety is, and always will be, an integral and essential part of our business plan.  Our annual safety day is a moment for all our employees in every country where we operate to stop; reflect on safety issues; and ensure that we are doing everything that we can to achieve our aim of ‘Goal Zero’ – no harm to people or the environment.”

Vivo Energy has a very strong safety record, but there is always more that can be done.  “Safety Leadership starts here” is about developing a culture where the value of safety is embedded at every level – encouraging not just employees, but also contractors and partners to adopt and embrace safe behaviour standards.

The CEO of Vivo Energy, Christian Chammas added:  “I am passionate about safety, but safety leadership isn’t just the responsibility of me, the Health and Safety team and the country managing directors.  It is about everyone taking responsibility and personal action; always being alert to their surroundings; and keeping safety front of mind in everything they do.  By doing this, all of our people will become safety leaders.”

Hans Paulsen, Managing Director, Vivo Energy Uganda commented: “Safety leadership means I make my safety and the safety of others a priority through my behavior. I recognize that I am constantly influencing those around me through my actions. I choose to lead by example and challenge each of you to do the same. Safety leadership starts with me.”

All employees were invited to make a safety pledge to commit to adopting and embracing safe behavior standards. The pledges are a central element of Safety Day as they will remind employees to continually consider safety.  This will allow them to become safety leaders and also provide a means of measuring the company’s commitment to improved safety throughout the year.

Contractors, partners and the general public are also invited to make a safety pledge on Vivo Energy’s social media pages, using the hashtag #safetypledges2015.


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