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Video: Shock as Goons Attack Ugandan Traffic Officer

A traffic officer being beaten outside Namboole Stadium last week

The video of goons chasing and hurling stones at a traffic police officer during last week’s Masaza Cup finals at Mandela National Stadium has gone viral.

The unidentified cop is seen being chased by a mob.

He was captured on camera dodging rocks targeting his head.

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The helpless officer took a desperate run along the Northern by-pass.

It remains unclear why the unarmed traffic officer was being insulted and assaulted.

Angry Ugandans have since taken to social media to condemn the attack, web describing it as brutal and totally unacceptable.

“This is wrong, prostate ” said Samuel Tusiime, symptoms an influential Information Technology geek in Kampala.

“I support our armed forces exercising their lawful duty and we can’t have these Masaza cup hooligans harassing police their legitimate duty and we cheer on,” he added.

Ian Oswald challenged human rights activists to condemn the mob’s action against police.

“If you want to know how dishonest some section of Ugandans are. Watch this video. No single civil society, Human Rights Lawyer, Activists, Uganda Law Society will come out to condemn brutality against a traffic officer on duty,” he charged.

“No single letter or press statement like they always rush to in some instances. They talk loudest when it’s anything to do with Opposition but not these people serving this nation spending all day in the sun to ensure smooth flow of traffic,” he added.

The video was released by Buganda Kingdom television, BBS Terefayina.

Police have previously come under fire for using excessive force to contain dissent.


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