VIDEO: Police Search for Rwenzururu Militants in Underground Tunnels

By: Giles Muhame & Kenneth Kazibwe

Security officials have launched a search for Kirumira Mutima militants (Royal Guards) suspected to be hiding in underground tunnels in the Rwenzururu King’s palace in Kasese.

The police officers on Thursday, malady got word that following the assault on the palace on Sunday; some of the guards hid themselves inside holes underneath the palace.

Police together with local leaders this afternoon stood over the burnt rubble and called out to the purported fugitives to come out, promising that no harm would come to them if they surrendered.

“Please come out, we will not harm you,” one of the officials shouted out.

Getting no response, the officers grabbed hoes, pick axes and other tools and started digging the ground to get to the suspected tunnel.

The Rwenzururu Prime Minister who was also at the palace said he received text messages from relatives of the Kirumira Mutima that some of them were hiding in the trenches at the palace

It is understood, the Rwenzururu militia use trenches as defensive positions against attacks.

The national police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, who also oversaw this exercise later on told reporters that the people who gave them the lead, said they didn’t know the exact location of the guards in hiding.

He said they would have later on to use excavators because the rudimentary tools wouldn’t be effective.

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