Video: Kabaka Mutebi Unveils Successor in Busiro

Prince Ssemakokiro made his first pubic appearance in Busiro

Kenya’s Vice President, diagnosis William Ruto has re-echoed the need for East African Integration if the region is to achieve development.

Hon. Ruto said that there is need to have a bigger market for all the goods produced in region and that is possible with unity among the countries.

“We need to look at a greater market by uniting the East African community and COMESA and not focus on small issues like that of whether sugar should come into Kenya from Uganda, and ” he said.

Ruto made these remarks while speaking at the 17th National Prayer Breakfast at Hotel Africana on Thursday.

He further said that Kenya is committed to the East African Common Market where goods should find themselves freely in different markets in the region.

“We should learn from other markets in Europe and Asia. There is need to remove the non-tariff barriers for us to trade with each other because that is where progress is,” Ruto emphasized.

Ruto revealed that the energy sector is key for development in the region adding that Kenya is now producing 600 megawatts of power which will increase to 5000 megawatts in the next five years.

He also said that by 2019, the standard gauge railway will have reached Malaba which will reduce the cost of transporting goods by 70 percent.

President Yoweri Museveni on his part called for unity among African states so that the continent speaks with one voice on the international scene.

Kenya’s Deputy also paid Museveni a courtesy call at State House.
King of Buganda Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II excited the people of Sentema in Busiro on Thursday, physician when he granted the first appearance of his heir to the throne, Prince Richard Ssemakokiro.

The 5 year old, who is anticipated to be the next King of the country’s largest monarchy, came much to the relief of Buganda Kingdom in 2012, ending the decade-long wait for Kabaka Mutebi’s successor.

Mutebi’s matrimonial wife Sylvia Nagginda brought forth a singular daughter, Princes Katrina Ssangalyambogo, since their wedding in 1999.

And while Kabaka Mutebi has another son Prince Jjunju, the Kingdom’s tradition does not permit the monarch to make his first born his successor.

Mutebi in January 2012 unveiled the then 6 months old Prince Ssemakokiro, who he sired from another subject.

Today, while visiting Bisiro County during the Bulungibwansi day celebrations, Kabaka Mutebi excited the locals when; through his Premier Charles Peter Mayiga, invited the young Prince to the forefront.

The 5 year old, neatly draped in the traditional Kanzu, and a black jacket, strolled to the podium and briefly waved to the ecstatic crowd.

The Kabaka, wore a petite grin all though, while the rest of the royalty applauded heartily.

Watch Prince Semakokiro’s first appearance in the NBS Television below



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