VIDEO: Gen Kayihura Breaks Ground for 1,000 Police Housing Units

The proposed look of the housing units

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has said the problem of accommodation in the Uganda Police force will in the next 5 years be no more if all goes according to plan.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony for over 1000 housing units at the police headquarters in Naguru on Tuesday, viagra Gen. Kayihura said by independence, the force had only 6000 personnel stressing the number has risen up to 45000 which he said must be catered for in terms of accommodation.

“Right now we have over 5000 habitable units all over the country whereas 4000 other units have been condemned. We hope by the end of the next 5 years we should have constructed over 40,000 units all over the country,” Gen. Kayihura said.

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According to the police chief, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Area alone requires over 10,000 housing units but said this can only be achieved if through hard work and willingness of those concerned.

“The problem of Uganda is not resources but attitude and disorganization. If we are focused as a country, we can build everything and I am sure this is the first step for our long journey to having good accommodation for our junior officers.”

Gen. Kayihura during the ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday

Gen. Kayihura during the ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday

Gen. Kayihura however said there is need to change policy so that even officers at the ranks  Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of police are catered for in the housing arrangement.

“In most cases these officers don’t have enough money to help them rent decent houses after coming from the training school yet they do a good job. There is need to ensure we retain these officers because most of them are professional like engineers, doctors and IT specialists,” he urged.

The policy according to the police chief only caters for Corporals, Seargents, Assistant Inspectors and Inspectors as the only officers entitled to houses in the barracks provided for by the police force.

The State Minister for Internal Affairs Hon Obiga Mario Kania said despite inadequacies in terms of logistics to the force, the police have continued to serve the country.

She stressed that government is willing to support efforts intended to transform members of the force.

“There is need to appreciate whoever is doing good work for the country .Government is therefore committed to providing good accommodation facilities to police officers who have been at the forefront of providing peace and stability in the country,” Hon. Obiga said.

Gen Kayihura with Hon. Obiga Mario Kania

Gen Kayihura with Hon. Obiga Mario Kania

According to police officials, the project will see over 1020 housing units covering a total of 17 blocks for policemen constructed at the police headquarters in Naguru.

Each block according to the engineers will have 4 floors  totaling to 60 apartments each having 2 bedrooms.


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