VIDEO: 14 Security Officers, 41 Royal Guards Killed in Rwenzori Rebellion

AIGP Kaweesi addressing journalists on Sunday at Naguru Police Headquarters. (Photo by: Paul Mugume/ChimpReports)

The death toll in the Rwenzori rebellion has risen to a whopping 55 people including 14 officers from the joint security operation between the UPDF and Uganda Police.

The revelation was made by Andrew Felix Kaweesi, order the Assistant Inspector General of Police who doubles as the force’s publicist.

“On Saturday morning, ambulance the Police and army were attacked by Rwenzori royal guards while on patrol. Royal guards hulled improvised explosives which injured security personnel causing them to fire in self defence,” he said.

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“It’s very sad that 14 security personnel were lost in reckless clashes by people who have misguided motives. A police truck was also set on fire although the officers who were on board managed to escape and run away.”

He further revealed that 41 attackers who included royal guards and other members of the public were killed while only 15 ring leaders were arrested.

According to Kaweesi, the attackers are harboring political motives, top of them being the demand to form a separate republic (Yiira) away from the Ugandan government.

Similar attacks had earlier erupted in the Western Uganda region but they were controlled and put out by Police and army officials with minimal deaths recorded.

The AIGP however notes that this time round, the attackers were many and were well organized, taking the security officials by surprise, a reason why the number of security personnel dead is high.

“Attackers were well organized and coordinated that’s why the situation went viral and sporadic so fast in all sub counties,” said Kaweesi.

“They would make camps at sub county level, raise flags and declare some territories as theirs, barring any security personnel from setting foot in the territories.”

“They have been training in combat and they are armed beyond ordinary with guns, spears, Pangas and many improvised explosives.”

Asked about where the attackers could have received the guns from, Kaweesi said the probable source could be the neighboring Congo since there is a lot of insurgence.

He noted that there is no backing from any country or any foreign group to the attacks saying that the attackers are just misguided.


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