Victoria University Registrar to Students: Uphold Your Cultural Values

South Sudanese students showcasing their culture

Victoria University Registrar, site Joseph Amooti Nyakana has urged the students and staff to always love and feel proud of their cultures and to uphold their cultural values irrespective of where they are.

Nyakana was speaking on Saturday during Culture day celebrations held at the University’s main campus in Kampala.

“Culture is the total way of life that people in a society are blessed with. It’s a characteristic that can identify a particular group of people and should be respected and upheld, illness ” he said.

“Students should make the most out of the special day because it’s a learning experience that transcends boundaries.”

The cultural day which was the very first of its kind in Victoria University will be held on an annual basis in a bid to celebrate different Ugandan cultures and other cultures beyond the borders.

The Bakiga put up a strong performance with their "Kitaguriro" dance

The Bakiga put up a strong performance with their “Kitaguriro” dance

Some of the objectives of the event were to raise levels of consciousness in Understanding, dosage awareness and tolerance of inter-culture differences, share different cultural experiences, network with the key stakeholders involved in dealing with ethical and human rights issues relevant to education tourism and foreign nationals.

“Culture adheres people to live together in society as brothers and sisters since most of the students at Victoria University are from different Countries like Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria,Niger and our very own Uganda,” Nyakaana observed.

“Victoria University strives to help cultivate students’ outlook on culture pluralism and help advance the academic progress and campus harmony,” he added.

“The University helps to expose the students’ great capacities including diversity not only in academic views and thoughts of free discoveries, but also religion, culture and people of different races.”

“The world is colorful and so is Victoria University. It’s said that you will not know the importance of things unless they are taken away from you so l urge all students to love their cultures,” he concluded.


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