Victoria, Sewanee Universities in Human Rights Field Study

The students that will participate in the study

Victoria University Kampala, cure is hosting a group of American students from Sewanee University, health Tennessee, USA who are conducting a field study on human rights in Uganda.

The study is a follow up from last semester’s joint lectures between the classes of Prof. Paige (Sewanee University) and Lina Zedriga (Victoria University). Students had a face to face skype engagement and a website was later opened from which preliminary communications continued.

It is aimed at facilitating Sewanee and Victoria University students to better understand and appreciate Gender and Women’s positions, realities in context, current efforts, duty bearers, rights holders and gender based discrimination in academic setting, legal and institutional frameworks and commitments.

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The students will conduct a five day interface with key women leaders, organisations and ministries to have a practical experience of the academic modules covered in the last semester and forge projects together.

They however will continue under close guidance of lecturers to work in teams or pairs on assignments. They will avail the lecturers with space to deliver modules from theories to practice in a collaborative manner and the project will be documented to inform sustainable e-learning and practicum.

The project started in March and will run up to July 2016. It’s being handled by 15 students, 5 from Sewanne University and 10 from Victoria University.


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