VC Ddumba Speaks Out as Makerere Reappoints Mamdani

Makerere University 's Vice Chancellor Prof Ddumba Ssentamu

Makerere University’s Appointments Board yesterday approved the renewal of the contract of Prof Mahmood Mamdani as the head of the University’s Institute of Social Research.

Chimpreports understands that the board chose to hand Mamdani another six month extension on his contract, sildenafil which expires at the close of December this year.

This brings to three, the number of times that Mamdani’s contract has been extended by the board. His long term contract expired in June last year and was extended to December 2015, and later to June 2016.

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The board decision this week was in spite of dissenting advice from Makerere’s Vice Chancellor Prof Ddumba Ssentamu.

Ssentamu on June 21 advised the Appointment’s Board when it sought his views, not to reappoint Mamdani because he had exceeded the 70year threshold.

“I am making this objection to ensure that university policies are observed and to avoid making precedent. Therefore, I urge the appointments board not to shortlist Prof Mamdani for the position of director at MISR,” Ddumba wrote.

When contacted this morning, the VC said he was glad he made his point clear to the board although the members chose to disregard him.

“I just put it to them that what they were doing was wrong,” Ddumba told us on phone. “And I know it is right what I told them, that Prof Mamdani has exceeded the retirement age. These are the rules that govern us.”

The VC said he was surprised that the Appointments Board chose to give Mamdani preferential treatment.

Prof Mahmood Mamdani

Prof Mahmood Mamdani

“They know very well that in our administration even today, no one exceeds 70 years. There are people who are above this age but these are in academics not in the administration.”

Asked whether his stance against Mamdani was driven by their known unpleasant relations, Ddumba vehemently denied.

The bad blood between the two came in the open in April when Mamdani evicted Dr Stella Nyanzi – a relative of Prof Ddumba – from his institute. A probe committee instituted to come to the bottom of the standoff found Mrs Nyanzi in the wrong.

Ddumba however stressed, “This is not a personal matter at all, I hold nothing against Prof Mamdani and I am not fighting him.  I will obviously respect the board’s decision and will always work with him.”

Earlier yesterday on hearing that Mamdani had been reappointed, Dr. Stella Nyanzi said she was “gutted.”

She however revealed that she was happy with her actions in April that included a nude protest at the Institute, which she says helped expose the ‘rot’ at the Institute and will always be remembered by Mamdani.

“He can start his new term as director by wiping my blood-colored paintings off the walls of his office,” she remarked.



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