Varsity Youths Remonstrate Foreign Interference in Uganda Politics

Dr Kizza Besigye welcomes the delegation from EU at his house in Kasangati last week (Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe)

High Court judge Justice Wilson Masalu Musene has set March 15th 2015 as the date to start the hearing of the case in which rally driver and city socialite Desh Kananura, web http://ctrdv.fr/pmb3/opac_css/includes/start.inc.php together with four others are accused of murdering on Badru Kateregga, cost a bar attendant at his Panamera Bar

This case which had started to fade out of many  people’s memory, sickness is one of the several criminal offences lined up to be heard in next month’s criminal session by the High court of Uganda.

Appearing before Justice Museni, Samalie Wakooli the State Attorney holding brief for Jane Okuo informed court that being that plea-taking in this case was done, she wanted court to set a hearing date for this matter on any date after 15th March when the trial prosecutor will be available.

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She said her colleague Jane Okuo was handling some other matters in the Supreme Court.

In today’s court session justice Museni unveiled to court two Assessors namely Musana John and Wasibi John whom all the accused did not object to

Prosecution alleges that Kananura and three co-accused Raymond Kananura his brother, Nzoreba Samuel, Onyango Jacob and Maganda Cirus in late 2012 while at Panamera Bar Naguru  Kampala suburbs tortured and murdered Abdul Kateregga a bar attendant at Panamera Bar.
Youth from different Universities and higher institutions of learning under their body the Youths Against Foreign Interference (YIFA) are weighing a demonstration against foreign powers “siding with FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye to incite violence in Uganda.’

YIFA Secretary General, Ronald Tugume told the media on Monday in Kampala that they have watched the actions of the foreign organizations that came in the country as foreign elections observers, symptoms ‘making themselves judges of the election results in the country.’

“We the youth against foreign interference are greatly concerned with the meddling of foreign powers in the politics of our country, which we find as an attack against the sovereignty of our country Uganda,” Tugume said.

Ugandans, he added, should be allowed complete freedom to determine the politics of their country and pursue economic social and cultural development without foreign prying.

“The interference of foreigners in our political process continues to disrupt peace and stability, more so their increased support to opposition politicians during this post election period. It causes tension, division and fear among the citizens,” Tugume remarked.

“We have evidence showing that some staff members of the US Embassy have been using social media to incite the public against our democratically elected government; we are also aware that foreign powers are funding opposition politicians to destabilize our government.”

“We therefore call on the European Union and United States to respect the people of Uganda; we know that they have several other interests in our country but they should order their observers to leave our country immediately since they have finished their work of observing elections.”

He noted further, “We the youth are committed to peace and stability; we have seen what became of Libyans who fell victim of such foreign interference and we shall not stand by and watch Uganda take the same path.”

The youths thus advised all the aggrieved parties with the election results to explore all the internal mechanisms available including the well established judiciary to have their cases heard and determined other than resorting to other violent means.

To the above effect, the youth revealed that they have written to the IGP to permit them hold a peaceful demonstration in protest against the foreign powers on a date soon to be announced.


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