UWONET Rallies Women to Take up LC I Positions

Women activists under Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) have appealed to women throughout the country to take interest in the forthcoming LC I and LC II elections so as to provide trusted and credible leadership from the grass root communities.

The call was made by the women leaders from different organizations at UWONET offices in Ntinda led by ACFODE Executive Director, link Regina Bafaki.

The women noted that despite having reservations on the mode of carrying out the said elections (lining-up), this site women should not be discouraged but rather come out and offer themselves as chairpersons.

“LC I and II are the nearest local governments units to citizens and if transformative leaders are elected at these two levels, they can make a difference in the lives of their respective localities,” Bafaki noted.

Bafaki said that bearing in mind previous negative experiences of holding LC I elections by lining up behind a candidate of choice, the State should guarantee that the citizens’ rights during and after the elections will be protected.

The women said Parliament prior to passing the new amendments to the Local Government Act, should have ensured that the holding of LC I and II elections conform to acceptable international standards for holding free and fair elections and other negative aspects  such as lining up instead of only considering financial costs involved.

They called upon the State to conduct adequate and gender responsive civic education on the importance of the LC Elections to encourage voter turn up and inclusive participation.

“A clear guideline on the process of the LC I and II elections and modalities should be shared with the public within adequate time so that communities can participate effectively,” the women demanded.

The women also demanded for a clean-up of the voter register so that people that have become adult after the 2016 elections are able to participate in these elections.


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