UWONET Launches Women’s Week 2016

UWONET ED, Aciro addressing the media in Ntinda

The Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) has on Wednesday launched the Women’s week under the theme; ‘In Unison; Confronting the Unfinished Business’ under the campaign dubbed ‘Every Woman Counts’.

Speaking to the media at their Headquarters in Ntinda, treatment UWONET Executive Director (ED), approved Rita Aciro noted that the objective of the campaign is to mobilize a critical mass of women and men to demand for social justice and inclusive development from government.

Aciro said that the campaign was borne out of the realization that despite comprising 51 percent of the Ugandan population, shop women continue to be at the margins of development process.

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“We are looking at making our numbers count in the social, economic and political development of Uganda, currently 19 percent of the population is living in poverty with women forming the bulk, 83 percent of women are engaged in agriculture but only 25.5 percent control land they cultivate,” Aciro remarked.

Aciro observed that while the government of Uganda has attempted to address the many challenges that women and girls face through a conducive legal, policy and institutional framework for the promotion of gender equality, challenges still persist and these include lack of regulations for the Domestic Violence Act, Trafficking in persons Act and the Female Genital Mutilation Act.

“UWONET has therefore embarked on this country wide campaign to mobilize women and men to amplify the social injustice particularly against women and demand for a government that works and delivers for women and girls’ needs.”


The purpose of the event is to provide a platform to reflect and revive the women’s movement in Uganda

The ED reiterated the need for government to address the unfinished business for women focusing on the five key areas of Health, Land and Property Right, Education, Economic Empowerment and Governance as spelt out in the Women’s Manifest 2016- 2021.

“As a tool for mobilization and awareness raising, UWONET is convening the 3rd National Women’s Week 2016 which is a biennial event whose purpose is to provide a platform to reflect and revive the women’s movement in Uganda.”


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