UTL Woes: Police to Seek Services of Other Telecom Companies

Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The police force are contemplating terminating their contract with Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) for other telecommunication service providers   due to the woes of the former.

On Monday, cheapest Airtel announced that their customers could neither call nor receive calls from UTL subscribers after failure of the latter company to pay interconnection fees.

Addressing journalists on Monday during the weekly press briefing, police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kawesi said that they will think about seeking services  other companies due to the problems with the oldest telecommunication company.

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“There is no way we can remain with them if many Ugandans are on other networks that cannot connect with them (UTL),” Kaweesi told journalists.

“The best thing is for them to sort out their misunderstandings before it goes too far.”

The police mouthpiece explained that they can’t remain logged onto a company where members of the public cannot access service of police stressing that this would delay services to the public.

Kaweesi said that police works 24 hours a day and that being unable to be reached out for by some members of the public would  look awkward to the force meant to serve the public.

“For the mean time we shall encourage the public to use toll free lines but in the future we shall join other companies that have no problems.”

The country’s oldest telecommunication company that was privatized in 1998 leaving the Ugandan government with 49% shares   is currently embedded in a financial crisis that recently led to laying off of some of its employees.

The company has been the telecommunication services provider for the police force for a number of years .


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