USAID Program to Support Local Dialects Teaching in Schools

Ministry of Education, doctor with support from USAID has commissioned a program that is hoped to enhance the teaching and comprehension of indigenous languages in Uganda’s elementary schools.

The Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity (RALA) program was launched last weekend at Boma primary school in Mbarara district.

Program manager Consilous Rwanyonga addresses heads of schools, <a href=

erectile principles and government officials on Saturday at the launch ” width=”564″ height=”423″ /> Program manager Consilous Rwanyonga addresses heads of schools, pills principles and government officials on Saturday at the launch

The USAID funded program is aimed at supporting the initiatives of the Ministry of Education, Sports Science and Technology, to improve early grade reading. It is also aimed at reducing violence against children in schools.

The program initiator USAID Consilous Rwanyonga said that the project started in April 2015 and will run till 2020 targeting 3277 school pupils.

“Children learn to read faster and better when they learn to read in their mother tongue first and then transition to English,” Ms Consilous said.

She said that according to the research tests, pupils who greatly exploit their local languages skillfully perform better in class.

Such children, she added, always grow and develop high self esteem and confidence to express themselves on several occasions.

She said that USAID will not stop at launching the program but will go ahead to provide enough books for reading lessons in every considered school to implement this program.


Andrew Johnson, the deputy chief of party USAID

Andrew Johnstone, the deputy chief of party USAID revealed that the program will target P1-P3 pupils in 28 districts including Mbarara, Lwengo, Buvuma, Sheema, Kiboga, Kayunga, Mitoma, Nakaseke, Mpigi, Rakai, Hoima, Butambala, Mukono among others.



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