South Sudan

US Orders Departure of Embassy Staffs as Fighting Continues in Juba

The United States is evacuating its Embassy in Juba

The United States has ordered for the departure of all non-emergency staffs from her embassy in South Sudan capital Juba.

Washington is reportedly disturbed by the resumption of intense fighting in South Sudan that started on Thursday last week.

The US Department of States on Sunday evening authorized the move by its embassy in Juba to see off the majority of staffs and only to except the emergency personnel.

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The embassy remains closed to the public but officials insist it is not being evacuated.

The embassy passed the message to the US citizens in South Sudan on Monday morning a day after shelling in Juba that spread to the United Nations base and the country’s single international airport.

“Message to American citizens- serious fighting between government and opposition forces in Juba is ongoing and ceasefire has not been achieved. On July 10th, stuff the Department of State authorized an ordered departure of non-emergency personnel from South Sudan, there ” part of the
message reads.

“To be clear, this is reduction of staff, not an evacuation. Although the US Embassy is closed to the public, it continues operations.”

In December 2013 when the war broke out in South Sudan, US and UK found difficulties evacuating their citizens from the troubled African nation where hundreds were dying daily in the first
week of the conflict.

The US Embassy in Juba was temporarily relocated to the neighboring Kenyan capital Kenya which is also the super power’s diplomatic center in the region.

Many US, UK and other European citizens were first hastily moved to Ugandan capital Kampala together with people from African nations and other continents that were trapped in South Sudan.

Over 270 people mostly soldiers have lost their lives in the renewed fighting between forces of President Salva Kiir and his vice Dr. Riek Machar.


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