US Doctors Withdraw from Carol Operation

The hopes for treatment of cancer patient Carol Atuhirwe have suffered a major setback after the doctors that were slated to work on her backed out for undisclosed reasons.

The Ministry of Health, side effects which last week came under negative light for allegedly “delaying” Carol’s travel documents has announced today that the US  doctors will not be operating her.

It has now emerged that another international health facility is being sought to handle her case.

Carol recently received more than the required Shs. 270million for her treatment at the University of Cleveland Hospital in the US, medications where she was slated to have her burnt esophagus reconstructed.

The cancer has for months taken away her ability to speak or eat on her own.

In a Tuesday afternoon statement, the Health Ministry revealed that it had not delayed approval of paperwork for Carol and that the Medical Board has not received any documents to this effect.

“Information from the Cancer Institute where Carol has been receiving treatment for the last two years indicates that a multidisciplinary team of Uganda Cancer Institute met with visiting surgeons from USA and concluded that her condition requires close care as it is very delicate and this can be currently handled by the Uganda Cancer Institute,” said the Ministry.

“Since the initial medical team from USA can no longer carry out surgery on Carol, the Institute is working on finding an alternative international health facility to handle her case. Once this is secured, her request for referral will then be generated and forwarded to the Medical Board.”

The Ministry reiterated commitment to support Carol “in a timely manner especially if need for any approval arises.”


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