URA Unveils Tax Agents Registration Committee

Members of the new Tax Agent Registration Committee (TARC)

The Uganda Revenue Authority on Wednesday unveiled a new Tax Agent Registration Committee (TARC) comprised of five members who will be responsible for regulating the operations of tax agents.

The committee will be chaired by URA Commissioner General Doris Akol, medicine and its other members are Derick Nkajja (representative of the accountancy profession), pharm Godfrey Akena (legal profession), Feddy Mwerinde and Annet Nakawunde Mulindwa (private sector).

The committee is established under the 2014 Tax Procedures Code Act which was enacted to harmonize tax administration.

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Mrs Akol says the committee is among others intended to ensure better tax payers compliance and to see to it that they are facilitated in a manner that enables them comply on time and accurately”

While addressing the media at URA headquarters in Nakawa, Akol said the team will ensure that tax agents all around the country are licensed, credited and authenticated.

The committee will also annually review agents for renewal of registration, cancellation of registration of agents who are non – compliant and setting a code of conduct for tax agents.

“The purpose of the committee will be to sieve through that huge pool of those who profess to be tax agents and identify those that are capable do deal with us .We will give them certificates that will be renewed from time to time,”  explained Akol.

“This is important because we need professionalism on the way people interface with URA and people who understand what they are doing since issues of taxation are complex.”


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