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URA Raids Gold Dealer, Sameer’s House over Shs 75bn Tax Evasion

Sameer Bhimji (L) is a British national of Indian origin living and working in Uganda

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement officers have raided the premises of one of Uganda’s wealthiest gold dealers, this site Sameer Bhimji.

This followed a court order premised on URA’s suspicion that the tycoon was involved in tax evasion to a tune of Shs 75bn and gold smuggling.

It is alleged he smuggles gold from Congo to Uganda which is then further exported to Dubai through Tanzania (Zanzibar Airport).

“URA carried out the raid yesterday the whole day and they confiscated several kilos of undocumented gold from the premises which is supposed to be exhibits during the court process, buy ” said a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Sameer Bhimji is a British national of Indian origin living and working in Uganda.

It’s understood Sameer’s associates are trying to kill the case by promising bribes to URA officials.

UN Security Council reports about gold smuggling have since 2008 implicated many Ugandan businessmen and politicians for dealing in Congolese gold thereby fueling conflict in Eastern Congo.

As a result, side effects many of these businessmen’s assets were frozen by the UN Security Council.

When these businessmen were driven out of that business, new entrants like Sameer Bhimji entered to fill the space.

While the old businessmen had been given operating licenses by government and were paying taxes, the new entrants started operating underground without paying taxes for now close to 10 years.

The likes of Sameer rejuvenated the contacts of the old businessmen in Dubai whom they started selling gold too.

Many of them stopped using Entebbe airport as their smuggling route and instead opted for Zanzibar airport in Tanzania.

Police Flying Squad recently arrested a an army officer identified as Barigye for reportedly stealing gold worth Shs 3.3bn.

The raided premises are based along Kiira Road in Kampala.


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