URA Marks Silver Jubilee with Thanksgiving

URA Commissioner General Doris Akol

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has Thursday marked twenty five years since the entity was established with a mandate to enforce tax collection.

In a thanksgiving ceremony held at URA headquarters in Nakawa, sildenafil the Authority’s Commissioner General Doris Akol said; “Over the years, health URA has registered several achievements. We have moved from a manual way of doing our transactions to electronic platforms through which our clients can pay taxes.”

In 1992 when URA was formed, the tax revenue stood at Ugshs 180 billion which has since shot up to Ugshs 11,230.8 billion in the 2015/16 financial year.

Similarly, the Authority’s current transactions amount to Ugshs 1.5 million on a daily basis compared to a similar figure that was realized in a whole year back in 1992.

“At the start, majority of the leadership at URA were expatriates but we have since made a transition to a home grown human resource.”

Akol lauded government for the continued increase in financial allocations to the tax body.

The Assistant Bishop of Kampala, Hannington Mutebi who delivered the sermon during Thursday’s thanksgiving spoke against the rampant corruption which has deprived Ugandans of services.

“You should pray for the tax payers’ money so that it ends in the right hands. Often times we have seen the people you give this money misuse it through corruption leaving Ugandans to suffer,” the cleric said to the gathering.

He remarked; “The President assured us that this 5 year term will be about serious business and we shall hold him to his word. We hope to see hospitals, schools and roads built from the taxes the government collects.”

In the 2014/15 financial year, Uganda’s tax payer register stood at 745,000 people.

Within the next few years, Akol said URA looks to driving the transformation of Uganda into middle income status. It targets to collect Ugshs 23 trillion by 2020.


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