UPL Verdict: Express Earn JMC Hippos Points Despite Loss


In a rare turn of events, illness Uganda Premier League secretariat has awarded Express FC three goals and three points despite losing 1-0 to Jinja Municipal on Saturday..

According to a statement from UPL, look Express FC petitioned the eligibility of some JMC Hippos players who didn’t possess national passports.

“The UPL secretariat received a petition (Ref: ESC/10/16/12 dated 10th October 2016) on Saturday 10th December 2016 in which they allege that JMC Hippos fielded ineligible players during the AUPL match no. 115 JMC Hippos vs Express FC, click ” the statement partly reads.

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“Express FC referred to Fufa letter Ref: FUFA/LETTERS/23/09/2016 which reads in part ‘Bearers of provisional player license after October 22, 2016 shall be considered ineligible players’. In their petition they stated that JMC Hippos players used provisional player licences which expired after the set deadline and that JMC should lose the match by forfeiture,”


The secretariat has therefore ruled by quoting sections of article 19 of the Fufa competitions rules that JMC Hippos lose the match to Express FC.

According to Article 19(10) of the Fufa competitions rules, “only Fufa registered players shall be eligible to play in Fufa competitions.”

Clause eleven (11) says that, “A club that uses an ineligible player shall lose the match by forfeiture to the opposing team.”

Daniel Shabena grabbed the lone goal of the game to give JMC what was to be their first season win with a simple tap in the 26th minute.

The Jinja side has room to contest the ruling through an appeal option.


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