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UPDF: We’re Preparing Young Officers to Take Over Security

Brig Byarugaba Congratulates Capt Agnes Oyella as Lt Col Balisigara looks on

Jack Sabiiti  the incumbent  Rukiga  County  Member of arliament  in Kabale district has conceded defeat  following  the loss to Herbert Kabafunzaki of the NRM in the 18th February elections, tadalafil http://cstaab.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/emails/class-wc-email-customer-reset-password.php and decided to quit politics.

Sabiti said that even though there were several irregularities in the polls, approved http://corpuschristimiami.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-autoupdate.php he had been defeated and would not challenge the results in courts of law.

He told reporters that it was never his practice to challenge election results; “I lost this seat in 1996 and waited until I regained in 2001. In 2006 I was defeated by the late Sam Byanagwa Lwamafa and when he died 2009 I again lost in the by-elections to Adison Kakuru until in 2011 when I reclaimed the seat.”

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“I now concede defeat and wish the winner to take over and lead the people   of Rukiga and make a difference.”

Hon Sabiiti revealed that he would not be running again for the same seat or any other, order adding that if he were to return to politics, he would be running for President.

Sabiti was on Tuesday addressing a Press conference at   Hilltop hotel in Kabale municipality.

The 69 year old told press that he often times deeply regretted why he joined President Yoweri in the bush to fight in the war that handed power to the current regime.

Asked whether or not would be willing a serve in the ruling government if called upon, Sabiiti said this was impossible even if it was a ministerial job.

Uganda Handball Federation (UHF) has confirmed that they will host the International Handball Federation (IHF) Challenge trophy for Africa’ s Zone 5B from 24th to 31st July, sick http://cinemalogue.com/wp-includes/query.php 2016.

“As informed you earlier, ask http://communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/wp-content/plugins/imagemanager/classes/gd.php the tournament is going to be hosted here in Uganda on the dates mentioned above, viagra http://cfsk.org/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php ” Carl – Augustine Mugalu an official at the UHF Secretariat confirmed adding that “Its a tournament for the under 20 years boys and under 19 years girls.”

Uganda last hosted the tournament in 2014 where the boys emerged  champions while the girls were runners up to Kenya.

Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan and hosts Uganda are all expected to take part in the 2016 edition.
Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has urged presidential candidates in Uganda to avoid statements that could undermine peaceful elections, and http://cgt06.fr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/enhanced-distribution.php Chimp Corps report.

“I encourage the candidates and their supporters to exercise restraint in their deeds and in their rhetoric so as to ensure credible and peaceful elections, price which the people of Uganda demand and deserve,” said Annan.

The controversial figure is remembered for having attempted to build an alliance of opposition candidates Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi to confront President Museveni in the 2016 elections.

The Democratic Alliance (TDA), under which the two opposition figures would have joined hands to take on the incumbent, collapsed in its infancy due to intrigue and backstabbing.

Museveni would later attack Annan, warning him against interfering in the internal affairs of Uganda.

In his statement issued Wednesday, Annan called for “an election with integrity, which will bestow legitimacy upon the winner and secure stability for the country.”

He added: “Legitimacy is the crucial currency of government in our democratic age. Only elections that are transparent and fair will be regarded as legitimate, both by the people of Uganda and by the international community.”

Annan urged the government and the electoral authorities of Uganda to ensure a level playing field for all candidates, including the right to campaign free of intimidation.
The Chief of training and recruitment of the UPDF, stuff http://darkfey-temple.org/wp-includes/cache.php Brig Willis Byarugaba has said the UPDF is training younger officers to attain the necessary skills to consciously take charge of the security of the country in the nearby future.

“It’s our intention to have officers open their minds ideologically so that we groom patriotic officers who know where they came from, sale http://darkon.org/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-category-checklist.php where they are and what they are deemed to do in future, viagra order ” he said while passing out 71 officers who completed a one month Political Education and Leadership course at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) Kyankwanzi on February 16.

Brig Byarugaba stressed the value of National ideological training for all the future leaders of the UPDF, adding that all military officers going for further studies must have enhanced understanding of Uganda and good leadership skills that will be useful to them when promoted to various levels.

“The Future of UPDF lies in your hands. We are preparing you to take over the mantle of the UPDF, and you cannot take over the mantle of the UPDF when your Ideology is wanting. That is why before you go for further promotional courses, we ensure we train you ideologically at NALI.” said Brig Byarugaba.

The Deputy Director of NALI, Lt Col AR Balisigara, said Kyankwanzi is a premier ideological training institute for senior leaders in Uganda and added that lack of ideological clarity is harmful to national cohesion and development.

“The Socio-economic transformation of Uganda has been hindered by lack of national ideological clarity among others. Ideological training is necessary for correcting the wrongs of the past.” He said and added that the training also “Enlightens Ugandans on the vision and mission of the country and gives leaders harmonised perceptions about what to do, how to do it and what is expected from them by the country.”

Lt Col Balisigara further said the just concluded course has not only imparted on the UPDF officers improved leadership and life skills including financial literacy, the spirit of patriotism and Pan-Africanism, but also educated them on geo-strategic environment that drives Uganda’s national interests.

The 71e officers were drawn from all services in the UPDF, including those in missions abroad in Somalia and Central Africa.

They comprised of officers at the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Captain.

They all qualified for Junior Command and Staff Course to be held in Jinja starting next month.

Five Students who excelled included Maj Henry Obbo who was the overall best, followed by Capt Samson Dickens Opolot and Capt Samuel Kasede. Others are Capt Agnes Anywar Oyella and Maj Otim Ogwang.

Political Education was a key tool that contributed to the transformation of the NRA/UPDF into a disciplined people’s force.

It was used in the 1986 liberation struggles and afterwards to inculcate and manufacture a strong and committed force of transformed military leaders who are equipped with necessary values and leadership skills, required at strategic, tactical and operational  levels of command and administration in the force.


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