UPDF: We aren’t Withdrawing from South Sudan

UPDF say they have no known plans to leave South Sudan

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The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces [UPDF] has refuted reports that it is set to withdraw from the unstable neighboring republic of South Sudan.

The South Sudan rebel leader, ed Dr. Riek Machar who is also waiting to be sworn in as the first vice president, dosage last week said that the Ugandan army is withdrawing from his nation as per the signed peace agreement.

Dr. Machar met face to face with President Yoweri Museveni, the Commander-in-Chief of the UPDF in Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

After the meeting, the rebel leader who had accused the Ugandan army for taking sides with the government forces said the meeting was successful and UPDF will finally leave.

“In Sudanese capital, Khartoum I met with Ugandan president Yoweri K. Museveni and discussed a number of issues of IGAD-PLUS peace agreement implementation process and other related issues,” Part of Dr. Machar`s statement read.

“In our forefront meeting, we tackled out withdrawal of UPDF troops in the timeframe as stipulated in the agreement and President Museveni assured me to pull out his forces with immediate effect as agreed in IGAD-PLUS peace negotiations process.”

The signed Compromised Peace Agreement stipulates that all foreign forces should withdraw within 45 days.

Media houses in South Sudan on Monday and Tuesday published stories saying UPDF is withdrawing, even quoting commanders of the mainstream SPLA.

ChimpReports today exclusively spoke to the UPDF and Defense ministry spokesman, Col Paddy Ankunda who categorically said there are no known plans of withdrawing the contingent from the neighboring country.

“Those reports are not true. We have no plans or orders to withdraw from our defensive positions,” Ankunda said in a phone interview on Wednesday morning.

“Just treat those reports as rumors as there are no changes in the Status of Forces agreement,” He added.

Days when the war had just broken out, Kampala and Juba inked a Status of Forces Agreement that made free entry of UPDF in South Sudan legal; both internationally and locally.

The Defence ministers of the two nations, Dr.ChrispusKiyonga (Uganda) and Kuol Manyang Juuk (South Sudan) sat in Juba on 10th January 2014 and signed the agreement on behalf of their governments.

Article 2.1 (a) of the Status of Forces Agreement gives UPDF entry and exit freedom to South Sudan territory.

The Ugandan acting Foreign Affairs minister, Henry OkelloOryem also told this website when the peace agreement had just been signed that the IGAD arrangement doesn’t affect the presence of UPDF in Bor and Juba.

“UPDF is not going to withdraw from South Sudan. Uganda signed a bilateral agreement with a legitimate government and that agreement stands for now,”Okello-Oryem said on 27th August 2015.


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