UPDF Wants Kololo Stadium Named After Gen Aronda

As the country continues to mourn the startling death of the former UPDF Commander Gen Aronda Nyakairima, site sales the national army has put across an informal proposition to have the Kololo Stadium renamed after the fallen General.

Hundreds of mourners on Friday afternoon gathered at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds to say prayers for the Internal Affairs Minister, who passed away on a plane while returning from a trip in Seoul, South Korea.

The General died of heart failure according to the postmortem report released by doctors on Thursday.

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Moments after the national prayers, the army spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda suggested that the stadium be renamed after General Aronda.

Col Ankunda backed the proposal over social media, with the fact that the deceased General delivered the National ID project from the same stadium.

The stadium at the Kololo Independence grounds – which used to be a national airfield – was constructed by the UPDF’s Engendering Brigade under the overall command of General Aronda, in preparations for the 2012 Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The structure, which has a 5500 seat capacity, also houses offices of the National Security Information Systems, which is handling the National ID Project, and was under the direct supervision of the now fallen General Aronda Nyakairima.

The Kololo Airstrip – cum national stadium was constructed during 1936 at the instigation of Philip Euen Mitchell, Governor of Uganda from 1935 – 1940.

After the reconstruction, the airstrip which was formerly under the management of the Uganda Property Holdings Limited is now managed by the Ministry of Defense.


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