UPDF, Prisons to Modernize Kampala Industrial Parks

Government through the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development has committed to develop infrastructure, medical more so roads drainage channels and buildings in and around Kampala Industrial Area (Nakawa) and the Business Park in Namanve.
This follows reports of appalling conditions of the infrastructure around these areas, which tends to slow down business therein.

Yesterday the minister of State for Privatization and Investment Hon Evelyn Anite made known the government commitment while on a guided tour of the two parks.

Anite said after the tour that she had indeed noticed the infrastructural challenges around the areas.

She said plans are underway by government to construct better tarmac roads, sewerage plants and more power lines around these areas.

This project according to the minister is estimated to consume up to UGX50billion shillings.
The Infrastructure development around the park, she said was recently directed by President Yoweri Museveni.

Because of resource limitations however, Anite said the ministry has decided to source services of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and the Uganda Prisons.

The national army’s construction and engineering unit is known for a number of projects including renovation of the Kololo Independence Stadium.

Government a few years ago commission construction of 22 industrial parks in different parts of the country, hoped to employ over 100,000

Currently 11,000 Ugandans are employed in the Kampala industrial and business park.

The park was developed by the Uganda investment Authority as a central place where investors can locate factories, warehouses, distribution centers and other business offices.

Hon Evelyn passed a warning to all investors who delay to develop the land given to them in the industrial parks that government will not hesitate to terminate their contracts.


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