UPDF, Parliament Join Catholic Church to Build Ward for Masaka Road Accident Victims

Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala(2nd L) poses for a photo with other partners on Wednesday.
Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala(2nd L) poses for a photo with other partners on Wednesday.

A number of government institutions including police, dosage UPDF and Parliament have partnered with the Catholic Church and Rotary Club to raise funds for the construction of an emergency ward at Nkozi Hospital for accident victims along Kampala-Masaka highway.

Addressing journalists today at Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala’s residence in Nsambya, viagra the Leader of Opposition, Hon Winnie Kiiza, who represented the Speaker of Parliament said that it is the duty of government to put in place such facilities adding that private partners can always come in to help.

“We have lost many MPs in road accidents and specifically on Masaka road. In case someone comes up to help government on its duties, we must join hands in the drive,” Kiiza said on Wednesday.

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In December 2015, Bukomansimbi Woman MP Suzan Namaganda died when a taxi collided with a vehicle in which she was travelling at Mpanga forest, Mpigi district, on Masaka road.

According to the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, accidents are eventualities that no one prepares for and that there is need to help victims through such ventures.

The acting Deputy UPDF spokesperson Maj. Tabaro Kiconco noted that the army having been at the forefront of a number of operations to save lives in the country and outside, they could not sit back with such a drive in place.

“The ward will not only help victims of accidents along Masaka road but can also be used by medical students from various schools. The initiative to raise funds for the construction of the ward is something every Ugandan ought to participate in,” Maj. Kiconco told journalists.

Prince David Wasajja from the Buganda Government said that not all that have fallen victim of accidents are to blame as others are victims of circumstances.

“You might be on the right side of law but get involved in accident with a driver who was driving recklessly. It is high time all road users got careful while on the road,” Wasajja urged.

The Police director in charge of Traffic, Dr. Stephen Kasiima revealed that the deadly Kampala- Masaka highway was meant to carry a capacity of only 150,000 vehicles a month but the number has increased to more than one million vehicles.

“The congestion on the road has come with effects like accidents caused by reckless and speedy drivers,” Kasiima noted.

He revealed that since its reconstruction by UNRA, the Kampala- Masaka road has claimed many people because most of the drivers   neglect road signs.

“Most accidents on the road have happened along climbing lanes when drivers try to overtake yet it is not allowed,” he added.

On July 2,2016, a tragic incident happened at Kampirigisa on the same road when over 4 vehicles including taxis, a trailer and Toyota Noah had a  head-on collision that led to death of  over 20 people.

Police would later launch operation Fika Salama to check the road carnage.

The nearby hospital along the deadly Masaka road is Nkozi but lacks an accident emergency ward and according to Dr.Kasiima, this forces police to rush accident victims to Kampala for treatment, many of them dying due to over bleeding before reaching hospital.

The Nkozi charity marathon scheduled for Saturday,17, June is meant to raise funds for the construction of a 1.3 billion accident and emergency ward at the Catholic funded hospital along Masaka road.


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