UPDF Major Drags Army To Court Over Forceful Retirement

Major Ronald Iduuli is suing the UPDF for forceful retirement

Major Ronald Iduuli, page the former defense counsel at Makindye General Court Martial is dragging the UPDF to court, see contesting his “unlawful and wrongful discharge” from the army which he served with an 18year clean record.

The Attorney General and the Chief of Defense Forces were served on February 27 with Maj Iduuli’s intention to sue, through his lawyers of Ojok and Company Advocates.

Major Iduuli is now seeking Shs. 1.2 billion in compensation in form of punitive and special damages that he says he suffered when he was wrongfully dismissed from the position to which he was appointed by the President; before dismissing him from the army without his consent.

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Iduuli says his discharge contravened Sec 20 (3) (f) and section 66 of the UPDF Act which mandates only the Commissions Board to retire officers who have applied.

In his case he says, he never made any application seeking retirement.

He adds that his unlawful discharge also undermined Sec 98(1) of the national constitution which establishes the President as the Commander in Chief of the UPDF; under which instrument he was appointed Court Martial’s Defense Council.

Iduuli further alleges that although he is entitled to gratuity and pension as any retired civil servant, he hasn’t received either.

On 23rd June 2016 by an instrument dated 20th June 2016, Iduuli was appointed by President Museveni as Defense Counsel of the Makindye General Court Martial.

But hardly a month later on 25th July 2016, he was directed by the Chief of Legal Services (CLS)  in the UPDF to hand over his office without availing him any instrument from the President or a message from the CDF.

He says, he was not even told of any matter pertaining indiscipline for which he could have been fired. He says he was prompted to write to the CLS seeking a hearing which was never conducted.

Later on the Deputy Chief of Legal Services abruptly convened and chaired a unit meeting in which he recommended Maj. Iduuli’s name to the Commissions Board for retirement as a voluntary applicant, well knowing that he had never applied.

On 16 August 2016, the Chief of Personnel and Administration (CPA) selected Iduuli’s name to attend a junior command course, only for the Deputy CLS to write in to CPA informing him that the Major had applied for retirement and that the application had been approved.

A message number DTG 271045 Jul 16c which was the basis to retire officers in the period Iduuli was discharged from the army, showed that officers who were being retired were those with medical problems, old age as well as voluntary applicants; yet the complainant didn’t fall under any of the categories.

Iduuli’s lawyers say their client is seeking justice for his “unfair, illegal, malicious and forcefully retirement from the army.”

They add that they are ready to proceed with the suit once their client doesn’t reach an agreement with the army.

We were still unable to get a comment from the army as its spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire, we learnt, was out of the country.


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