UPDF Attacked in South Sudan; 3 Soldiers Injured

UPDF Spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda

An armoured unit of UPDF forces has come under heavy gunfire just a few hours after crossing into South Sudan territory, pilule Chimp Corps report.

The soldiers are on a mission authorised by President Museveni to rescue Ugandans trapped in the South Sudan war that has left hundreds dead and thousands displaced.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told ChimpReports the Thursday attack occured between Pager and Moli in Magwi county.

“There was an attempted ambush on a UPDF evacuation convoy today which our forces repulsed, pill ” said Ankunda. “Three soldiers got minor injuries,” he added.

Following the exchange of fire, said Ankunda, the UPDF convoy continued to its destination.

A similar attack in December 2013 saw UPDF soldiers lose their lives at the hands of rebels in South Sudan.

Most foreign nationals have been evacuated from the war-torn country through Entebbe International Airport.

Hundreds of Ugandans are gathered at Nisitu and Aruu junction awaiting evacuation by the armed forces.

Ankunda assured UPDF has all capabilities to bring back home all the stranded Ugandans.


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