UPC’s Dan Oola Odiya Set Free, Re-Arrested 

Gunmen in plain cloths stormed Gulu High Court and rearrested three suspects that had just been released on bail (Courtesy photos)

Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) Deputy Secretary for Mobilization in the Joseph Bossa faction, tadalafil Dan Oola Odiya has Thursday been rearrested by unknown gun-wielding officers who stormed Gulu High Court immediately after his release by the same Court.

Odiya has been battling a case in which he is accused together with two others for masterminding the attacks on Gulu police Station last year.

Earlier, the court had set free Mr Odiya and his co-accused after the DPP “declined” to continue with the prosecution of the case by entering a Null Prosecui, which the court had received and honored.

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Counsel Nicolas Opiyo who was representing the accused before says,  that just after the release of his clients, gun wielding individuals driving a private car stormed Gulu Court and yanked from court detention facilities, three suspects who had been discharged by the court following a withdraw of charges by the DPP.

“It is Black Monday all over again, only that it is Gulu removed from public scrutiny; they have driven the accused person to unknown destinations,” Opiyo said.

The faction spokesperson Okello Lucima told Chimp reports that they have received reliable information that they were promptly bundled into a police patrol car and driven in the direction of Kampala.

“It is clear that the DPP’s decision to not proceed with the prosecution of the case in the High court was a ruse coordinated by higher powers of impunity, to have Mr Odiya in the hands of state security agents,” Lucima said.

“The state has no case, the only thing they can do is to abuse due process, violate the law and rights, just because they can do so; it is shameful that the office of the DPP lends itself to such willful impunity,” Lucima noted.

Lucima added that, “We are not deterred or intimidated, we will spare no efforts to establish who is holding Dan, where, and for what reasons; we suspect the state may want to smuggle him to the military court martial. We will obstreperously oppose that, and will go to court to ensure the dictators don’t have their way.”


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