UPC’s Amongi Awaits Party Council Approval to Join NRM Cabinet

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) are still weighing the action to be taken on the appointment of one of their own, this site http://consugi.com/wp-includes/post.php Betty Amongi the Oyam South Member of Parliament (MP) as a Minister for Lands to serve in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

The party Spokesperson, http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-admin/includes/media.php Michael Osinde Orachi told Chimp Reports on Tuesday that the party cabinet members held a meeting on Monday to that effect which ended with a decision to refer the matter to the party’s National Council meeting which will take a final decision.

Amongi to serve in the NRM government as a minister would mean that the party is either in an alliance with the ruling government, a decision that must be agreed upon by party members through the National Council.

“Betty has been one of the most active MPs for the last two terms which facilitated her appointment as a Chairperson for the Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), I wouldn’t be surprised for government to identify her potential basing on such background,” Osinde told to Chimp Reports.

“There are implications to her appointment since she is a UPC member; the issue must be subjected to cabinet that would refer it to the National Council according to the party Constitution Article 12.2 (8).”

Osinde added, “This isn’t a decision that can be made by the Party President to either grant or refuse her join cabinet, he must call for National Council (NC).”

Asked what would happen to Amongi once she takes up a decision to join cabinet without the consent of the NC, Osinde noted that given the fact that Betty is a staunch UPC member, he doesn’t anticipate such a situation of her acting in defiance of the party organ.

“Betty will be given an opportunity to explain to the Council members before they take their final decision to either endorse her for the position or not.”

On whether the appointment doesn’t confirm that UPC party is in bed with NRM, Osinde observed that the party is a left wing party whose ideology is to fight for the disadvantaged Ugandans.

“Having a strategic alliance isn’t new in the UPC leadership and to that effect, the party president Jimmy Akena won’t be the first one to enter such an arrangement; the party founder, Apollo Milton Obote was the first one to make a strategic alliance with the Kabaka Yekka (YK) party which eventually helped him capture power.”

“We are not in an alliance but rather a co-operation with the aim of ensuring service delivery to the people of the country. It’s a co-operation of purpose and not a marriage of convenience to serve president Museveni but deliver expertise to alleviate poverty.”

“I assure UPC members that no decision shall be taken to compromise the party ideology and policies.”


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