UPC: Winnie Kiiza’s Shadow Cabinet is Useless

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has slammed the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), clinic Winnie Kizza for sidelining the party while appointing the Shadow Cabinet.

Kizza who is the Kasese Woman Member of Parliament on Tuesday appointed a 22 member Shadow cabinet without appointing any single member from UPC. The appointment has since generated mixed reactions from the opposition even within some FDC members of parliament.

The party Secretary General, Edward Sseganyi told Chimpreports on Wednesday that it would be courtesy, prudent and diplomatic for any good leader to first consult with UPC leaders to know whether they are interested in taking up positions in the Shadow Cabinet or not.

“However, whether it was right or wrong to live us aside it adds up to nothing, my question is what benefit is Shadow Cabinet to the people of Uganda; since Multipartism was introduced, what has such a cabinet helped the local people in terms of service delivery!” he wondered.

Sseganyi said that UPC sees no value in the opposition cabinet because it can’t influence government policies hence can’t do much for Ugandans.

“It’s better to be where we are without being in the shadow cabinet because it is useless; Shadow cabinets don’t work in Africa and UPC losses or gains nothing from associating with such a cabinet.”

Asked if at all this won’t affect UPC’s relationship with other opposition parties, Sseganyi observed that their planned alliance with the ruling party (NRM) is legally backed up by the Constitution Article 83 (2) and the Political Party and Organizations Act 18(a).

“UPC would like to inform the general public that the recent appointment of its members to cabinet does not mean that the Party has already entered or formalized an alliance with government despite working towards the same.”

Asked whether the party won’t make a big a loss once President Museveni doesn’t finally adhere to signing an alliance with them, Sseganyi revealed that the party won’t be much bothered since it’s the President that expressed interest in working together with them and initiated the talks.

“We didn’t force Museveni to appoint our members to cabinet and since we didn’t influence the appointments, once it fails, life will continue without being in government.”


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