UPC Urges Ugandans to Accept Government’s Land Act Amendments

UPPC President Jimmy Michael Akena speaking to press yesterday

Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has called upon Ugandans to embrace the recently considered land amendments, this site http://dangerdame.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product.php and stop fronting land grabbing allegations which are only diversionary.

UPC told the media on Wednesday during the party’s weekly press conference that the land grabbing talk by opponents of the land reforms is aimed at diverting the public from the wider question of the economy, http://cuveeboutiquespa.com/site/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-themes-section.php and means to increase Ugandans’ participation.

The party President Jimmy Michael Akena noted, http://ccrail.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-invites-endpoint.php “There seems to be a misunderstanding of what the amendments seek to address. To the best of my understanding, the amendments are around the Land Acquisition Act of 1965 which was enacted by the  UPC government.”

The amendments recently announced and defended by the Junior Lands Minister Betty Amongi, entail clauses allowing government to acquire private land and use it before compensating the land owner.

Minister Amongi is a UPC member and wife of party President Jimmy Akena.

Akena stressed that the act has been able to stand the test of time in serving the interests of the nation.

“UPC in the past while in government regularly acquired land for development compulsorily and systems were put in place for fair compensation,” Akena said.

“Where we are now, there seems to be a problem of speculators who demand exorbitant amounts of money from government; these people rush to acquire land after learning that government has interest in the said land.”

Akena added, “My understanding of what is being proposed is that under the Act, government is required to negotiate with those that are to be affected until an accepted amount paid is reached.”

“Everybody would be paid the amount generally agreed including those that were requesting for huge sums and those who want more will have to pursue the extra amount of money through other means but will be paid across board prior to commencement of any project.”

Akena remarked that the whole proposal is to deal with speculators who are trying to rob the tax payers adding that those who try to manipulate the system and want to acquire huge compensation beyond the acceptable values.

“Overall, the amendment is not about land grabbing and the principal of prior compensation remains, the area that is to be amended is for those who are demanding exorbitant amounts in order to stall the government project or get rich quickly.”

The party Spokesperson, Michael Osinde Orachi advised Ugandans to ensure that their land is registered and avoid middlemen.


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