UPC Urges Members To Embrace LC Elections

Michael Osinde Orach the party spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Congress has urged all the party members to embrace LC1 and LC2 elections that are due early this year.

UPC further reminded members that the coming elections fall in line with their resolutions to strengthen the party from the grassroots as directed by the party’s National Council in August 2015.

“As UPC we take this opportunity to encourage all our members who would like to compete for the elective positions to contact us early so that we plan early and strategically” he said.

While addressing the media at the UPC headquarters on Wednesday, try http://davepallone.com/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php Osinde added that they welcome all their members that where once misled to other parties to come back home and will be glad to welcome them back.

“If you wish to come back to UPC you’re always welcome and the door is open”

Following the recent announcement by Government to hold the LCI & LC2 elections early this year, check opposition parties including FDC have urged their members to take part in the exercise.

The former FDC Presidential candidate Col Dr KizzaBesigye yesterday said that participating in the LC polls was part of the party’s defiance campaign.

Meanwhile, thumb yesterday the Electoral Commission announced that it had finalized a number of amendments in electoral laws as requested by Parliament, to help cut down on the budget for the oncoming election exercise.

The new amendments according to the commission had been finalized by the Justice Ministry and were awaiting cabinet approval.



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