UPC Urges Government on Child Protection, Women Empowerment

UPC National Chairman, Lawrence E Okae

The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has Wednesday urged Government and the Police to come up with strong measures to protect children and women from Defilement and Rape.

Last week social media was awash with the news of a one Brenda Nakyejju, medical a Makerere University Student who jumped out from a three storied building after a rape scare.

On Monday, view six year-old Esther Nanyonjo, remedy was allegedly defiled and later murdered.

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According to Lawrence E Okae the National Chairman UPC, child abuse and defilement are silently running the country’s next generation and action should be taken soon.

“The rates at which Defilement and rape are increasing is worrying, It’s all attributed to failure to implement stringent laws against the increasing vice that is eating up the country,” he said.

Okae was addressing the media at the Party’s weekly press conference held at Uganda House in Kampala.

He noted that in a damning indictment of the current safety nets to protect children from sexual predators, many parents have come up to report these cases  but not much action is taken.

“Many parents of the victims report to the police but nothing is done about it. In fact some are mistreated from police because of reporting; others given bribes to keep the matter silent.”

The Demographic and health survey of 2006 showed that rape is the first sexual experience of almost a quarter of Ugandan women aged 15-49 and of which 39 percent of women in this age group have been subjected to sexual violence.

“The most important issue is to sensitize people about rape and defilement then make sure that justice for the victims prevails. That’s the only way we shall eliminate this dangerous vice,” said Okae.


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