UPC Suggests Economic Solution to Kasese Problem

UPC President Jimmy Michael Akena

Ugandan Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has called on government to drop charges against the Omusinga of Rwenzururu, ask Charles Wisely Mumbere, site suggesting that his ‘continued cuffing’ won’t resolve Kasese problems.

The opposition party president, ailment Jimmy Michael Akena told the media on Wednesday at the party headquarters that despite all justifiable reasons to have the Omusinga arrested; this won’t practically solve the issues but further grievances that will at some point explode in future.

Akena has advised government to institute a dialogue process with all the stakeholders in Kasese as soon as is practically possible to find solutions to the many grievances and give guidance.

“The party has been consistent in maintaining that the underlying problem in Kasese is an economic one; government has been the largest landowner in the region in the form of institutional and commercial activities,” Akena said.

“Our concern has been creating opportunities for the young people of Uganda, we have the biggest part of our population depending on subsistence farming which makes them dependent on the land and where there is pressure on the land there will be tension.”

Akena said unless the “fundamental issues of somebody being given opportunities to thrive and raise a family are addressed; Kasese and the country will face for more tension.

He advised government to find ways of organizing the economy to give people opportunities for gainful employment irrespective of any community.

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