UPC Staff Panic Over ‘Poisonous Substance’ in Water Boiler

aption: UPC Assistant Secretary General, Fred Ebil speaks to Chimpreports on Friday

Police on Nkuruma Road in Kampala is currently investigating alleged water poisoning at Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC), viagra order which took place on Friday March, illness 3 at the party headquarters on 6th floor Uganda House.

Chimpreports has exclusively learnt that on that day, viagra one of the party staff Godwin Jawoko was shocked when he made himself tea from the water boiler at the reception, only to realize that the water turned milky.

 “After buying bread, Godwin went to the boiler to make himself tea and on pouring the hot water in the cup, it was whitish. He called other members and there was fear that someone had put poison in the boiler,” a source narrated.

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“At that time, they inquired who had last drawn water from the boiler to find out whether the water he/she took was clear. One of the party’s security guard known as Kakaire told them he had last seen Christopher Lwanga making water a few minutes ago.”

When probed, the source says, Lwanga admitted that he had drawn hot water from the boiler but said his was clear and he took it without complications.

With everyone panicking, the party Chairman, Lawrence Okae intervened and suggested that they empty the boiler and clean it up.

After pouring the water in the boiler, Chairman Okae came for the only evidence remaining which was the water Kawoko had scoped to make his tea. He was however confronted by Jawoko and other staff members who insisted that the water must but be taken to police as exhibit.

It was at this time that police intervened and commenced investigations by taking the water samples and recording statements from all members that were mentioned in the incident.

The members by publication were still awaiting a report from police.

We understand the party administration has since procured a new kettle to boil tea for the Party President, Jimmy Akena which is now safely kept in his office.

Commenting on the matter, the party Assistant Secretary General, Fred Ebil said there was no cause for alarm as the situation is under control.

“I heard about it but I was not in office and the case was reported to Nkuruma road police. I believe that if it was poisoning, the police would have acted by now; it appears that this was just water which had gone bad,” Ebil told our report on Friday in an interview at Makerere Guest House.

“With that I can conclude that there was no incident of poisoning, I have been in talks with police and they would have told me if there was anything serious. The Nkuruma road police haven’t told me anything.”

“Members should now stay calm because what I have now done is to restore order at the headquarters and instructed the police down at the entry not to allow any hooligan to go to 6th floor; there is going to be serious police search and check up for every person who claims to go to Uganda House because of that rumor that members were scared of.”

Chimpreports has learnt that amid the tense situation, members and staff resorted to buying edibles by themselves from outside while the security guard, Mr. Kakaire since has been suspended.


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