UPC Joins the World to Mark World AIDs Day

UPC Spokesperson, Micheal Osinde

As Uganda joins the world to commemorate the World Aids Day, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC ) has appealed to the Ministry of Health to increase efficiency supervision and quality of Health services.

The party spokesperson, Michael Osinde told ChimpReports that the party has been carrying out an assessment premised on the argument that the apparent weakness in Health Facility management and administration is increasingly jeopardizing the quality of Health care service delivery in public health in the ground.

Osinde noted that the mismanagement in the health sector has cost many patients most of whom are those affected with the vice of HIV/AIDs.

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“Time management deficits at most public Health Facilities in Uganda are apparently in violation of the rights of Ugandans accessing public health services due to health workers reporting late, leaving early from duty, taking working on weekends for granted and absenteeism,” Osinde said.

Osinde noted that most HIV victims have increasingly been neglected by some medical officers and workers who take them for granted thinking they are dying anytime.

Osinde remarked that the party has as well observed that there are inadequate managerial skills among Health Facility in-charges.

“The party has noted with concern that community dialogue across health facilities in some districts in Uganda indicated that Health workers are appointed by virtue of their academic quantification without basic managerial skills and leadership.

The party has therefore called upon the Ministry of Health to continue periodic capacity building training in leadership and human resource management for public health facility.


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