UPC In Turmoil Amid Suspension of Top Brass

UPC Spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach speaking to Chimpreports

The opposition Uganda People Congress (UPC) party Cabinet has resolved to maintain the suspension of its Chief Administrative Secretary Higenyi Kemba and a few other secretariat staff members over misconduct and alleged leaking of party documents.

The decision was taken in an emergency meeting that sat last week after reports of gross indiscipline by the secretariat staff members.

The decision to have Kemba suspended was taken by the party Assistant Secretary General Fred Ebil.

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 Kemba contested the move, viagra order seeking redress from the party Cabinet.

Other secretariat members  suspended are Annet Sserwada, Richard Angweri and Tom Omino, the Chief of Staff.

“The suspension is still on until we restructure the secretariat; most staff that we had were volunteers,” said the party Spokesperson Michael Osinde.

Osinde told Chimpreports that to ensure harmony  at the secretariat, Cabinet resolved to procure a Consultant to fill up all the vacant positions adding that some staff members will be required to reapply for their positions.

“It is unfortunate that this is happening; no administration would wish to disown its own but due to conflict of interest, it reaches a time when it must be seen taking decisions, hence the aspect of maintaining suspension to date as we try to put the house to order,” Osinde said.

“I want to remind Cabinet members that the question of Oath of secrecy must be maintained by all Cabinet members and in case of any issues, the organs of the party are available to discuss rather than using the media,” Osinde cautioned.

Osinde also revealed that Cabinet resolved to stop all members from engaging the media apart from the party President, the Spokesperson and the Secretary General.

“Any member to engage the media either on a talk show or for an interview must first consult with me or the Party President and we verify the information getting out to the public.”


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