UPC Disgruntled Members Launch Campaign to Dislodge Jimmy Akena

Disgruntled UPC members addressing the media in Kampala

Disgruntled members of the Uganda Peoples’ Congress have Tuesday launched a campaign against the leadership of the party President, hospital Jimmy Michael Akena accusing him of selling the party to NRM and mismanagement.

These led by the embattled party Chief Administrative Officer, order Moses Higenyi Kemba addressed the media disassociating themselves and the party from the alleged talks between UPC and NRM.

The media carried reports recently that Akena sold the party to President Museveni at a sum of Sh4.8bn without notifying members over the claimed alliance.

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“As a matter of fact, there has never been and there is no such alliance nor do alliance talks exist between UPC and NRM; where such talks exist then the individual members are on a fishing expedition of their own with intent to hoodwink the public and the unsuspecting UPC members,” Kemba said.

Kemba says they are against any talks that are secretive without a defined agenda and without an established team of UPC members and leaders.

“As you are aware, the secretariat is now not fully constituted, the president is not there. He is busy in talks and in the dark with NRM, the Vice President died as well as the Secretary General and the administrator is not there and a militia group has taken over the headquarters,” Kemba observed.

“Now we call upon all membership and leadership of UPC to come up and reclaim their party; the militia should be flashed out of the premises of Uganda House UPC headquarters and the journey starts today.”

Kemba accused his boss, Akena of “fueling plans of President Museveni to fail all opposition parties in the country.”

“Akena has succumbed to the long standing objective of obliterating the UPC from the body politics of Uganda; you will recall that President Museveni has stated publically that by the end of the ‘Kisanja Hakuna muchezo’, there will be no opposition in Uganda.”

“I am the one who convinced the leaders of UPC throughout the country to vote for Akena with no hopes that he could join Museveni. I am now taking up the responsibility having brought Akena; I am at the fore front of the struggle to remove him and his Musevenism out of UPC.”


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