UPC Celebrates First Anniversary of Akena’s Presidency

UPC members re-hoisting party flag outside Uganda House

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) yesterday celebrated one year of President Jimmy Akena’s leadership, check http://decarbon.uk.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php designating the day as the “National day for the re-birth of UPC.”

It’s now a year since Dr. Olara Otunnu’s leadership was dethroned on May 30, http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-includes/locale.php 2015 after the District Conference elections of the party that saw Lira Municipality Member of Parliament, http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php Jimmy Michael Akena emerge with a landslide victory.

The party yesterday planted their flag, the national and regional flags outside their party offices at Uganda House.

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Speaking to the press after the ceremony, the party Secretary General, Edward Sseganyi said that UPC had finally found its way to the resurrection of its core values, principles and philosophies.

L-R UPC Secretary General, Edward Sseganyi, Hon. Jonathan Odur and Party Spokesperson, Osinde Michael

L-R UPC Secretary General, Edward Sseganyi, Hon. Jonathan Odur and Party Spokesperson, Osinde Michael

For a long time he said, some party members had held the party hostage, determined to destroy it and inherit its assets and investments.

“On this day we join in solidarity with key party organs in the implementation of the National Council Resolution of rebuilding the party from the grassroots and particularly promoting the relentless fight against poverty, ignorance, disease, colonialism, Imperialism and any other forms of oppression.”


The party also listed what they termed as key achievements by the new President, who is also son of the UPC founding father Dr. Milton Obote, over that past one year as follows:

After Akena’s overthrow of Olara Otunnu, a total of seven (7) Court cases were filed against the party leadership by Joseph Bossa, Olara Otunnu, Isha Otto, Edward Kakonge, MOF and others challenging the legitimacy of his administration on charges which include among others Criminal Trespass. Five (5) have so far been determined all in favor of the status quo.

In the one year period, the party managed to field candidates at all elective positions from Local Council to Parliamentary seats saving for presidency where members chose through a resolution by the National Council to instead concentrate on building the party structures and preparing the presidential candidate for 2021 general elections.

The party fielded and sponsored a total of 36 candidates for the Parliamentary seat in the country with over 2000 candidates on Local Council level.

A total of 6 MPs managed to win the 2016 elections for the party despite the meager resources since the Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) refused financing the party members but instead used the funds to rally support for independents under the Go Forward pressure group.

After failing on all avenues to fight the leadership of Akena, Otunnu of the late given up by handing over power to his Vice President, Joseph Bossa.





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