UPC Blacklists Members from Accessing Uganda House over Cropping Militancy

UPC has blocked some of its members from accessing its Headquarters at Uganda House

In a new twist, stomach the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has blacklisted a number of party members from accessing the party headquarters following suspension of 5 office bearers including the Chief Administrative Officer.

Chimpreports has learnt that the list of members barred from accessing the party headquarters on the 6th floor of Uganda House was handed over last week to the new head of Security identified as only as Sula.

The list includes members that were suspended over gross indiscipline and leaking of party documents, website like this but also other members that used to frequent the party headquarters.

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Those barred from accessing the headquarters include Akena’s aide, cost Denis Enap, Research consultant, Charles Ofono, former EALA candidate, Isaac Ojok Anok, David Otim Ogwang, Calvin Ogwang, Godwin Jawoko, Jimmy Oluka and Saleh Okot.

“I was shocked when I approached the party headquarters only to be told by the security officer (Sula) that I was not allowed to access the party offices. I tried to inquire but he only told me those were the orders he received from the Assistant Secretary General, Fred Ebil,” Isaac Ojok told Chimp Reports.

“This is a noxious decision to suspend members from accessing their party headquarters, this is so alarming; we shall not just look on as our party is being disorganized by men seeking to enhance their individual ambitions; we have responsibility of redeeming this great party and we shall take it on,” Ojok said.

Xavier Oluka another affected member said, “By nature, political parties are vibrant institutions which allow space for emotional outbursts and reason; the headquarters must not be treated as a hospital ward where an operation is taking place.”

“If UPC was a patient, she would be suffering from Multiple-organ failure; the members that have been barred from accessing the house were the ones that were trying to give it a semblance of a political party. Without them now, it is a bureaucracy of foreign earners,” Oluka said.

However in response, Deputy SG Mr Ebil told Chimp Reports in a phone interview that the decision was taken to restore order and “reduce the spirit of militancy and violence” that is cropping up at the party headquarters.

“Those bared were not staff members but were frequenting the headquarters; the orders issued are to make sure that they only come to the party offices when they have issues to raise to the concerned officers other than just sitting and idling,” Ebil said.

“The developments are also in a bid to take the secretariat to the grassroot for serious mobilization and all members will be needed for the exercise that will be launched by a reunion on May 27 in Ishaka.”

He added however that all members are free to come to the headquarters at any time and give advice where it is needed.


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