UNRA Was Duly Informed That EUTAW Was a Fake – Witness

Former Minister with one of his lawyers Mubiru Nsubuga at court yesterday

Godfrey Sambwa, buy more about the former Development project manager in Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) yesterday pinned the accused former Works Minister Abraham Byandala and his co-accused, side effects in the alleged misappropriation of up to Shs 24billion.

Appearing before the Anticorruption Court’s Judge Lawrence Gidudu, web Sambwa implicated Byandala, together with his co-accused Eng. Ssebuga Kimezze (former Acting Executive Director UNRA), Joe Semugoma, Marvin Baryaruha (former UNRA legal counsels) Mr. Apollo Sekeeto (one of the team members representing the nonexistent construction company EUTAW) and Wilberforce Senjako former UNRA accountant.

Sambwa was one of the officials appointed by the UNRA ED Eng Kimezze to engage in negotiations with EUTAW.

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He was appointed together with Enock Kalema, Michael Ochola, Karim Odongo and Technical Engineer Michael Hues.

Their role he said was to establish the legal capacity of EUTAW before it was contracted to take on the Mukono Katosi road construction project.

Sambwa revealed that they carried out investigations and found out that EUTAW, which had applied for the contract from UNRA was not part of the EUTAW Construction Company in USA that has got multiple branches.

“During negotiations, one of the directors gave us a business card reading Sam Brew Company instead of EATAW and from there we googled for more details and found out that the real EUTAW knew none of the directors who had been listed in documents before UNRA,” he said.

Sambwa further pointed out that Richard Frank and Richard Makoi with whom they held negotiations were not among the recognized EUTAW directors.

“We went to a website that has company information and found that EATUW, which is based in Mississippi USA and incorporated in 1980 has branches in Lousiana, Florida and Georgia. We later found another EATUW incorporated in 2010 but its details were not available online.”

In the findings they submitted to Engineer Kimezze, Sambwa told court, that they concluded in the due diligence that they could not see any linkage between EUTAW Mississippi and EUTAW Baleway.

Sambwa further pointed out that after handing over the report to Eng Kimezze, the latter wrote to the legal counsel Marvin Baryaruha telling him to proceed with the signing of the contract.

Sambwa pointed out that even though Senkeeto was the purported country representative of EUTAW, one of the directors had written a letter to UNRA indicating that he had no right to sign any contract on behalf of EUTAW.

Justice Gidudu adjourned the further hearing of the case to Thursday 16th June 2016.

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