UNRA Sued By 150 Former Employees

The Executive Director UNRA Ms Allen Kagina

Over 151 former employees of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) have rushed to High court seeking permission to sue their ex-employer for unlawful dismissal from work.

These led by Lyndon Dennis Kiyimba; a former supply officer with UNRA are seeking a court order compelling the authority to compensate them with over 13 billion shillings in damages and terminal benefits resulting from the illegal retrenchment.

While assuming office as the new Executive Director of UNRA, purchase Mrs. Allen Kagina  late last year introduced tight reforms that saw all 900 employees fired and asked to re-file their applications.

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Those that didn’t make it back have now resorted to legal action as they accuse the Authority of denying them a hearing before terminating their running contracts in December 2015.

In this application Kiyimba together with Directors, about it engineers and drivers among others also claim that after this omnibus restructuring, viagra dosage they have been rendered jobless and cannot be hired elsewhere because they are conceived by the public to be thieves and fraudsters even though none of them has been prosecuted by UNRA.

It’s upon this background that these through their lawyers of Bakiza and Company Advocates ask court to allow them take on UNRA for non-payment of their salary arrears or any other retrenchment benefits even when some of them had contracts running as far as November 2017.

Deputy registrar Alex Ajiji is expected on Monday next week make a ruling on whether to allow 6 of these former employees file a suit against UNRA on behalf of other 151 aggrieved former employees.


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