UNRA Staff Stole Fuel in Drums, Tanks

Aisha Nabacwa (R) being cross examined by Assisting Counsel, Mary Kuteesa

Bank of Uganda has issued a stern warning on a yet another circulating image of a purportedly released Shs 100, adiposity 000 note, website saying that those behind it face legal action.

The bluish note has over the past days been circulating on social media as having been released by the Central Bank.

The Bank has distanced itself from the hoax note, viagra 100mg stating that it doesn’t in fact intend to issue a new denomination of the Ugandan currency in the near future.

“The individuals circulating these illegal images are hereby warned to stop doing so with immediate effect,” read a statement issued by the bank on Tuesday.

“Misinformation of this nature has the potential to cause confusion and disruption of normal economic activities especially among members of the public in rural areas.”

The public was urged to ignore the image as a hoax and report known perpetrators to Bank of Uganda.

“The production of ‘novelty’ currency bearing features and denominations alien to Uganda’s legal tender is expressly forbidden and punishable under the law.”

The development comes in the middle of a relentless depreciation of the Uganda shillings and growing fears of serious pre-2016 election inflation.

At the peak of the runaway inflation that followed the previous 2011 general elections, Parliament discussed the possibility of introducing the Shs 100,000 note.

The Central Bank Governor Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile was later to dismiss this possibility saying that the economic conditions of that time did not merit the introduction of the bank note.
As the investigations into the procurement of fuel by UNRA carry on, information pills Aisha Nabacwa, the Station Manager Shell Clock Tower appeared before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday to respond to the discrepancies surrounding her station.

The information before the commission so far shows that the most alarming fuel amounts were often drawn from Shell Clock Tower by UNRA.

The Luwero and Mpigi UNRA station cards are said to have been taking lead in these bogus transactions.

Nabacwa testified to the commission that Luwero station withdrew about 2,000 litres of fuel from Shell Clock Tower on a daily basis.

She said a one Salim who was the card holder ferried this fuel in drums and door to door vehicles whose capacity was about 6,000 litres.

“What brought all these UNRA stations from all regions to Clock Tower and not any other Shell station, what was special about your fuel?” asked Counsel Mary Kuteesa to the witness.

“I couldn’t tell that a particular card was from such and such a region because they weren’t marked with locations. Ours was to give fuel to anyone provided they had a card,” responded Nabacwa.

She denied the allegations that Shell Clock Tower would at times give UNRA staff money instead of fuel.

Commissioner Ben Okello Luwum asked Nabacwa: “Since your station had no clear way of reconciling transactions made on lubricants, is it not possible that it was easy for UNRA staff to demand money instead of the lubricants?”

A rather tense Nabacwa shook head to express no response, went dumb for a while.

Former UNRA station engineer, Eng. Wilson Kafifi before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday

Former UNRA station engineer, Eng. Wilson Kafifi before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday

Nabacwa’s sudden silence prompted commission lead Justice Bamugemereire to ask whether the pregnant witness was okay.

“I apologize for having not been cautious enough about these huge transactions. Since the UNRA issue came up, I now take keen interesting in finding out details of people who draw huge amounts,” Nabacwa intimated.

The commission ordered the witness to present records of daily sales made by Shell Clock Tower at that time.

Eng. Wilson Kafifi, a former Station Engineer at UNRA station in Aruaalso appeared as a witness before the commission.

He was tasked to explain why the Arua card used to draw fuel from Kampala.

Eng. Kafifi was asked how it was possible that he had a receipt showing a transaction at a Shell station in Arua yet on that same day, the same card also drew fuel from Shell Kira in Kampala.

“The technology used to do that is beyond my understanding,” he responded.

He pinned the Assistant Supplies Officer saying he was in charge of the station card.

The witness also claimed no knowledge of the transactions told to him by the commission saying they didn’t tally with theirs as UNRA.


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