UNRA PROBE: PEC Consultants Approved Baseless Payments to Dott Services

The Head of Geo Technical Engineering Division at PEC, Eng. Remegie Girukwishaka before the commission of inquiry on Wednesday

High Court has blocked cooking oil producers Bidco Uganda Ltd from further growing of palm trees in Kalangala district pending a main case filed by residents.

Over 100 families in Kalangala district sued BIDCO contesting their eviction from their land without compensation.

Justice John Keitirima sitting at the High Court in Masaka issued an order after both parties failed to settle the matter out of Court.

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Justice Keitirima also issued an order stopping the owner of the land in question Sylvia Gloria Nakato from further selling of any portion of the land until the main suit is heard and disposed of.

Residents led by John Muyiisa claim that their children are no longer going to school because all their crops including coffee plantations were destroyed by agents of BIDCO without compensation.

They now want an order directing BIDCO to compensate them for the destroyed crops and return their land.

The UNRA probe commission on Wednesday queried the Head of Geo Technical Engineering Division at Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), viagra sale Eng. Remegie Girukwishaka on abuse of tax payers’ money.

PEC took over from Gibb Africa Ltd in 2013 at the request of UNRA to offer consultancy services on Tororo-Mbale-Soroti roads.

According to the information before the commission, discount a sum of Shs 180m meant for communication (printing reports, telephone) during supervision of road construction was instead used to facilitate training of UNRA staff (Godfrey Kaya and a one Luswata) abroad.

Eng. Girukwishaka admitted that this indeed happened claiming it was under a directive from UNRA.

“You misused government money meant for road construction and instead paid it for training your bosses. Isn’t this corruption?” asked counsel to the commission, Mary Kamuli Kutesa.

He further failed to offer a logical explanation to justify PEC’s extension of contract duration for the contractor Dott Services.

PEC which was the supervising consultant advised UNRA to extend Dott Services’ contract by 6 more years yet Dott had already wasted 18 months (initial contract duration) without work.

Scope of work

The witness explained that this was due to change of scope of work like widening the road from a 6-metre to 9-metre carriage way.

However in Dott’s bidding document, it clearly stipulated that works included widening the road and therefore the contractor knew this from bidding time.

The consultant (PEC) also recommended that Dott Services be compensated Shs 30bn for idle equipment with reason the contractor had fully mobilized which however wasn’t the case.

This was in addition to advance payments to the contractor adding up to Shs 11bn yet the contract was subjected to payment for work done.

“We compared our rates with 7 other contracts and found that the rates used were less. They were reasonable,” said Eng. Girukwishaka.

He later surprised the commission by testifying that PEC used market rates in Shs yet the contract signed with Dott was 80 percent in foreign currency.

This translated into a larger cumulative difference and gave Dott free money.

What seems to come out as odd is that Gibb, the consultant who preceded PEC had advised UNRA with more cost effective considerations backed by scientific proof.

However it’s alleged that the strictness and failure of some of UNRA’s unscrupulous staff saw Gibb as a stumbling block to their selfish interests with Dott Services.

Eng. Girukwishaka consistently claimed having not been privy to previous status reports by Gibbs.


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